I found some of my old diaries from 2005 one of them from late January 2005 which has a summary of that years Royal Rumble. If you don’t want spoilers for a wrestling event that happened 15 years ago that you can watch on their network. Back when I was really into wrestling my diary entries were summaries of WWE programming. I feel this is not really anything personal just me rating and reacting to the matches.

I was very into Cena by then but the only Cena merchandise I had at the time was a 2003 action figure.

“I was eating slow at the beginning of the Rumble because I was waiting for Cena to come out. I was just picking at my pizza waiting form him to come. Poor Scotty he got beat up before he even made to the ring.”

I was very disappointed that Cena lost. He was the 2nd to last person out of the ring. He and Batista fell out of the ring the same time and Vince had them restart the match.