The franchisee was at work today. She keeps catching me at bad times. It’s like Seinfeld with her too. When those other two mean supervisors were there she would come and they would kiss so much ass. They would act like a celebrity walked into the place. They would just perk up when she walked in the door and be like “Blanche is here!” Me having no idea who this lady is I was thinking “Ok? Wait who is Blanche?” It took me a while to figure that out. I mean I had never seen this lady in person the first time I saw her come to the place.

She was there to do a lot of things including marking social distance spaces.

I was in her way making bread so she just helps me finish it. I put it where it goes and go wash dishes to get out of their way.

Later I see this other guy making bread. How many different ways are there to make bread? I’m so confused.

For some reason the chicken that comes the ratio is off we get way more wing pieces compared to the drumette pieces. So you end up opening like 2 or 3 bags just to fill up one pan.

How do I get in trouble by my dad for buying an “expensive” CD off Amazon 10 years ago? This is the dumb stuff that pisses me off.