The title doesn’t make sense at first, but once you read the blog it does.

I was looking on craigslist for another job, but then if I do leave on my own not fired or let go or anything I would have to start over. I’ve already beaten my deli record. Let’s see if I can make it to August 31 which is about 6 months if I calculated correctly.

I forgot to post a few days ago about what I had for dinner and how the world is good and happy because I had steak one night and pizza the other. Find your happiness.

I hated working the front at the deli because I was visual. Customers were always coming to me and not even ordering deli stuff and just complaining to me. Getting mad about cuts of meat we didn’t sell, wanting lunch meat flavors we didn’t sell,  getting mad we sell shrimp without “shrimp sauce”. What even is “shrimp sauce”? Cocktail sauce? Or getting mad at me about the lack of items from other departments. 

I don’t work the register yet, but I wonder if people try to buy food we clearly don’t sell there like ice cream or hamburgers. Or confuse us for another pizza restaurant in the area. I really hope people don’t come to the pizza restaurant and try to buy weird shit we don’t sell like pants and leather jackets.

Fox showed an old World Series game from 1986 Mets and Red Sox game 6. Once I heard Vin Sculley’s voice I watched it. I had watched that game on youtube years ago. MLB had it on their YouTube channel. But it’s not there anymore and a 1981 World Series game. They try very hard to remove the network branding. 

I hate when I’m there and a new shift starts. My incoming coworkers are just there wandering and hovering trying to be “helpful”. I was there busy making bread sticks. This guy he’s just standing there next to me. So the manager comes by and tells us to make them together. It was like when two kids are fighting for a toy. “You can play with the toy and then he can play with the toy passing it back and forth.” Making bread sticks is a one person task. I hate it! I feel like a little kid back in kindergarten or something. Why don’t you just hand me a box of chubby crayons and I go sit on the rug?

I don’t know at the deli people liked to look like they were busy and not really do work. That whole store chain runs on that philosophy. The concept there was “feign working”.  Working there taught me one important thing don’t be too valuable or you are going to get burned.