Name Your Pizza — May 22, 2020

Name Your Pizza

At work I finally got a name tag there. At the deli they were problematic. It was always (my name) I want this or I want that. Including potato guy. The only thing the name tags were good for was learning the names of my coworkers. After working wearing a name tag I don’t think those name plate necklaces are cool anymore. I might wear one if I worked somewhere else. Ok maybe some cool and kitchy fashion store or something. You know when I was a kid I was not allowed to have personalized items. Because of abduction fears. Not wearable ones.

I saw I have 4 hours next week, but like I say I’ll believe it when I work it.

I bought a custom pizza and they thought I was trying to get a free pizza I looked like Fry in that meme. I was like just take my money.

10 Toys From the Year 2000 —

10 Toys From the Year 2000

Cardcaptors dolls
I have 2 of these. I got one at the KB Toys and one at the Kmart. I have the fairy Sakura and the kitty one. The kitty one is the deluxe version. They are cute and stuff but they get sticky and they are not really articulated. They are just bendy toys with a moveable head.

Diva Starz (first incarnation)
These are the first ones that were like talking robot dolls. Not the ones that looked like Barbies with oversized heads.

Lisa Frank Fab Friends dolls
These are so cute! I wanted one back then.

Boy Crazy game
Why not combine cute boys with a TCG? Apparently the boys on the cards are real people. This game got a lot of print ads in magazines marketed to teenage girls.

Remember these things? They were a PDA marketed at teens.

Finger boards
Remember when these were everywhere?

Finger bikes
Remember when these were also everywhere? But not as popular as the finger boards. At least where I lived.

Chuck E. Cheese oven
A toy oven that make real pizzas with the Chuck E. Cheese branding. Not much to say about this.

30 Second Cotton Candy maker
I remember the commercial for this was really dumb. It’s a description for the thing and kids singing ♪La La La La La La La La La♪ Look it up on youtube!

Dancin’ Debbie doll
Or is it Debbi? I have seen the name spelled both ways in official stuff. This doll is obliviously inspired by Britney Spears and all those other pop diva contemporaries.

Hello Kitty at McDonald’s

I remember getting one of these before I went to the No Doubt concert at Irvine Meadows. I was too excited to eat.

Changing the Rules on You — May 21, 2020

Changing the Rules on You

I decided not to get mad about my state or county being in lockdown. I don’t mind because I know it’s gonna change. I just know it. It’s like high school all over again. This is my pathetic life and I’m used to being screwed over when I’m not I get suspicious.

When I was listening to “Cities in Dust”. I don’t know I found the song sort of comforting.

I got another Finders Keepers egg. I just hoped it was anybody but Applejack and I got Pinkie Pie.


Now my dad tells me he wants me to quit my job. Especially since I’ve been banned by him from riding the bus. He was the one who made a big deal about me keeping it and telling me I could not quit until I found another job. (which at the moment is impossible) I’ve been saving up what little I earn to buy secret hobby items. Which he doesn’t know about me accumulating anyway. Why don’t you just go destroy my grotto?

The Reset Button; yada yada yada… — May 19, 2020

The Reset Button; yada yada yada…

So a lot of people are saying this is the reset button yada yada yada…  We need to love each other more and pay attention to our lives. Yeah sure whatever you say. Part of me misses the shallowness and I know that is a bad thing to miss, and I’m a bad person for missing it.

Going to the bank is so annoying. They can’t hear anything they have no idea how to cash out the card. Every time I come it’s a different person. I feel so dirty going there.

There is a new study about wearing masks and hamsters. So were the hamsters wearing the masks? How did they get the little tiny masks on their faces? Were they willing to comply? Was Hamtaro involved?

Got some stuff at the dollar store I found another Unicorn Doll and one of those chocolate eggs with the My Little Pony toy. I got Applejack. It’s smaller than a blind bag toy.

20200519_104556 - Copy

I remembered I had watched Bins Toy Bin review these.

Here is my Unicorn doll Stella with Greta. (The long haired doll)

20200519_104427 - Copy

Does Anybody Remember Chick? — May 16, 2020

Does Anybody Remember Chick?

I had this weird dream about CM Punk and he wasn’t punk and only liked Usher.

Some guy at work was saying about bandwagon Lakers fans. I have been watching them for a long time. Many years with Chick providing commentary. I’m old I remember Showtime vaguely. This guy said he was born in 1993. Back in the mid 90s when the Lakers sucked. When you were born I was 9. I remember the NBA when I was 9. The only reason we don’t watch the Lakers anymore is because they have their own channel now that we don’t get. They were talking about Malice at the Palace. It was a long time ago Worldpeace was not a Laker yet. I remember the use of brooms. The Lakers were not even one of the teams playing.

It’s so bothersome when a bunch of people come in on their shift and just start taking over. You are just getting in each others way. It’s so annoying. At least I don’t have to deal with food sample people anymore. I have a feeling that will be gone for many years if not indefinitely. They were annoying and talked your ear off.

Anyway there was this girl who came and was helping me with bread and she was making it “the wrong way”. She said that’s how she learned to make it. I didn’t want that on me.  That’s all on you girl. I let her finish up while I used the toilet. I really had to go. Which makes me wonder which way is the right one and it’s things like this that make me want to quit. Too bad I can’t work at Penny’s I heard it was easy to work there. I just think I should get comfortable there at this time there is no where else for me to go.

If people are supposed to stay inside I hear a lot of fireworks going off.

Even More Songs From 1990 —

Even More Songs From 1990

“Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice

“U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer

“World in Motion” by New Order

“Right Here Right Now” by Jesus Jones

Whenever I hear this song I think of Kmart. When I was taking my rock history class we listened to the song in class and all I could think of was Kmart.

“Sadness Part 1” by Enigma

Remember when this type of music was popular?

“Iesha” by Another Bad Creation

I used to confuse them with the other group called ABC the ones that perform “Look of Love” and “Poison Arrow”.

“Particle Man” by They Might be Giants

My first exposure to this song was on that Tiny Toons Adventures episode “Tiny Toons Music Television”.

“Around The Way Girl” by LL Cool J

One of my top 3 favorite LL Cool J songs.

“She’s so High” by Blur

“Knockin’ Boots” by Candyman

This is one of those songs you hear on the radio and have no idea who it is by. Not to be confused by “Knockin’ Da Boots” by H-Town.

Are You Complementing Me? — May 15, 2020

Are You Complementing Me?

Then I did 2 different virtual tarot readings. And I got the magician that is a good card to get.

At this time you are supposed to be at your creative peak. Creating buttloads or art or writing a million pages, but I’m just not feeling it. Does this mean I’m bad at what I do? I spent a half hour watching old Taco Bell commercials to get ideas for my blog.

I was reading some tips about how to stay positive during this. It said to not watch sad things, and limit the violent things. I don’t know I really enjoy watching a guy get put through a table during a wrestling match. What about cartoon violence? This advice was not specific.

My parents are getting mad with the social skills advice I’ve been finding online and think it is wrong, weird, and bad. From what I can gather it’s to be aggressive, dress well, get fit, dominate the conversation, take up hobbies you don’t like, talk about yourself all the time, Besides all the acting class, Toastmasters, and improv classes stuff. I find a lot of the advice quite contradictory and confusing.

One of the supervisors complemented me on how fast I wash dishes. She said she remembered that when she interviewed me. I don’t remember that myself. See, bad social skills? It seems to be the only thing I’m good at there for now. My dad still wants me to ask for more hours. My bread is still improving.

That’s all I can say. Be positive! Right?

10 TV Shows from 1990 —

10 TV Shows from 1990

Not my favorite of the Disney Afternoon cartoons. I remember collecting the McDonald’s toys and the figures in the cereal boxes.

Tiny Toon Adventures
I really liked this show. My relatives used to say I was like Elmyra because I liked to cuddle animals. The cereal tasted awful, but the fruit snacks were good. I remember wanting a Tiny Toons backpack as a kid.

Bobby’s World
The way he thinks about speech and sayings, and all his songs. I like the one song about fish not stinking underwater.

The first time I saw this cartoon in 2009 I didn’t understand it. Watched a few more and gave it a chance but thought it was boring.

Chibimaruko Chan (in Japan)
A local station used to show this in the late 90s without subtitles.

Midnight Patrol
I don’t remember much about this show. Watched an episode recently and I got nothing.

Bill and Ted Excellent Adventures cartoon
The only episode I distinctly remember watching as a kid was; “Pocket Watch Full of Miracles”.

Barnyard Commandos
Never had the toys but the cartoon was silly. I remember the pig characters read an ancient text in Pig Latin.

Zazoo U

A forgotten cartoon from the early days of Fox Kids.

In Living Color
I want to say this was the first sketch comedy series I ever watched but I’m not sure.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know — May 13, 2020

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

But one of the newbie classes was for something I already know. It was about the history of the hobby. I already learned that back when I was learning by consuming anything online I could find about the subject. Honestly I could write a well written essay on the history of it.

I’m posting 2 decade blogs again this week. Not because I thought I was going to be working more hours but because even when I didn’t work on Fridays I would just watch Smackdown then forget to post a blog.

You Think You Know Me — May 12, 2020

You Think You Know Me

At first I didn’t want anybody getting in my way. I heard “Lose Yourself” yesterday and thought it was a sign. (It wasn’t) 😞

I saw the offerings of these online classes and was very dissapointed. I decided not to sign up. This was not the influence of my parents or anybody else. For what they were charging it was just not worth it. No matter how esteemed this place is. I think I would have had to buy extra stuff besides just signing up for the class. I don’t have that kind of money right now. The beginners offerings were boxing in newbies into learning things I was not interested in learning. Why do I have to learn that? I just want the bare bones basics and that’s all. Then get creative with it. But then again these people can be very by the numbers people and don’t like to be creative or stray.  I guess this is why some people say these types of programs are not worth the money. Their criticism of these types of places when they are held in person is that they are perpetually aimed at new comers, they are teaching nonsense classes not related on the subject, and they are teaching things that you can learn by yourself. I think a lot of this stuff just didn’t translate well to an online version. And the schedule didn’t really work with my work schedule. The classes would have been the same time I was working.

Oh well now I have to think of something else to do with my money. Not that will be a hard problem. The only thing that really that really disappoints me is that now I need to look for education somewhere else or put it on hold again for the time being. 

After I decided not to sign up. I consulted my horoscope later in the day and it confirmed it. No second guessing here.

Oh screw it! I’m going to binge watch more wrestling videos. I bet I can learn a lot more from those than from those classes.

On a different subject; you know how much art I’ve made during this? Zero!