I noticed at work that I have been getting cheated out of breaks. My dad gets so mad about this. He gets mad when I don’t call him during one. Does he remember that taking breaks at the deli was frowned upon? I’m trying to work my way back to being on good terms. I want more than 4 hours a week. And I was getting that. I don’t wanna screw it up complaining asking for breaks. Even if I am allowed them by the labor laws of California.

I was at my old stomping grounds the terrible store I used to work at. I was in the parking lot looking at pigeons admiring their shiny necks. You know they are dirty birds but they have nice necks. Walking into that store gives me so much anxiety. I haven’t worked there in over a year. I don’t even like going in those parts of the store.

That free version of the WWE network is not that great; mostly reality shows. Nothing really good there.

I found my old employee handbook from the deli. That thing is straight up propaganda in there. About all the things you were supposed to learn. None of which I did. I kept writing “non existent” or “didn’t happen”. There was a section where you wrote about your store tour experience. The manager that gave us a tour of the store talked endlessly about the safe and expensive flooring they installed. That the ( I forget) manager or former manager paid for this flooring out of pocket and kept emphasizing about how expensive it was. Stuff was ripped out less than a year later. (whole store was re-floored) Where is your expensive flooring now!? She pretty much ignored the deli because that was not her department and she knew nothing about it. And the most important thing to know there besides the expensive flooring. Was to protect the janitor at all costs. (Which really meant do their job for them when they were in your vicinity) Not sure what kind of dirt that janitor had on them. I was writing fake answers to the propaganda handbook they had us fill out there. One of the questions asked what to do if you see a customer. “Ignore them and keep ignoring them until they get frustrated and leave.” The rest of the book I wrote things like “Your soul belongs to (name of store chain)”. That place was like a cult or it is a cult. Not sure which. glad I got out of there. One time when I was checking the clocks in the bakery and wondering why they are all off and off from my phone. So when the HR guy who was giving a store tour to the potential suckers. Caught me “playing” on my phone, and procceded to call me out on it. Still don’t know why all the clocks there were off. Probably trying to trick the employees. After the phone thing he interviewed some stocker employee. Not sure if she was a plant, but the lady really sold how much she loved the job. It reminded me of that South Park episode Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods. When the kids who work at the planetarium keep saying “I love my job.”

There was also a section you filled out after you made it past 3 months. I wrote “lasted 71 days in that place.” Most people with common sense get out before the 3 months are over. I guess since they can’t keep people for more than 3 months that’s why everything kicks in after it. (Broke that record at the pizza restaurant now at 92 days and counting.) But they don’t make a big deal about that.

They just threw me to the wolves/Karens. Now I’m imagining a wolf with a Karen haircut.

Then we had a power outage, and my dad panicked again as usual. He was all mad and cranky. Plus he got mad because I told him that when using a computer and there is a power outage it can damage it. Of course he thought I was making it up.