Yesterday I got a call from work. I missed it again but not by much. I got the call when I was on the toilet. You know I don’t like to get too TMI on the blog. I noticed I had a message. Even my mom didn’t hear my phone ring and it was not on silent. I called back promptly. She told me I needed to sign something ,and to come in at 9AM tomorrow. 

Later in the day I was very distraught thinking I was going to be fired or something.

Today is 101 day. I was hoping to make it out to the Rose Bowl this year, but with everything that has happened I don’t think I ever will or that the fans will gather there to hang out unless there is a lot of space between them. I had really wanted to go out of sheer curiosity. 

It was nothing bad I was just told to come in to work a morning shift. I like working in the morning. It’s not bad. There is no rush. So much better than working at the deli in the morning. If you really wanted to work at the deli/bakery in the morning you had to get there at 4AM. I think I was called there because somebody ordered 20 pizzas. At least they bothered to order ahead. 

I was working with this older lady and she worked fast. Way faster than the older people at the deli. They walked so slow. They could barely walk 3 feet to the fridge to put sandwiches in. 

The dough was really springy and I hate when it’s like that. It’s harder to stretch. The pizzas come out funny and when there is more people they get mad at you because the dough behaves like that. That is a dough making/gluten problem. Not with the person who pressed them. 

Somebody else came to work early. I know her because she works nights/evenings too. 

I was trying to buy a pizza. The supervisor guy was trying to figure out how to charge me for it. I said I can’t work the register. Which is true. I’m not trained on it. We’re pressing random buttons. Until I figured out to press the decimal point on the register. Please don’t charge me $600 for a pizza from here. I would pay $600 for a pizza with rare gourmet ingredients cooked by a famous chef. Not made by the people I work with.