Burger King Mini Muffins
I’m still convinced these are the Hostess Mini Muffins that were put in a box and warmed up at the Burger King. My dad and I used to go to the Burger King for breakfast and eat these.

Tyson Looney Tunes Frozen Meals
I used to eat these or other frozen meals marketed for kids including the Swanson one and the Kid Cuisine. When my dad would go play softball. The Looney Tunes meals used to come with Looney Tunes trading cards or stickers.

PB max
I’m not sure if I tried this candy or not.

Big Mixx
I really have no recollection of this cereal.

Bud Dry
Why ask why? Not that I was old enough to drink this when it came out. 

Cheetos Paws
Not those new ones those are terrible. I loved the texture. Of the old ones. They were in between a Cheeto and Puff.

Light Balance by Lunch Bucket

Fruit Rox
There was nothing special about them. “Rox” shapes were just random rock-like fruit snacks shapes. Instead of being in the shape of a bear or a jet plane. I did get the Rox box. I still have it it somewhere.

Sprinkled Chips Ahoy
I still miss these. I wish they would come back. People say the ones with the candy pieces are the same but they are not. Those are not sprinkles. I liked to take these to school for lunch.

Suddenly S’mores
I really liked eating these cold better than in the microwave. A lovely taste that cannot be replicated.