I tried to post this yesterday, but my internet was slow. 

Now since more things have opened up it’s way more crowded at the strip mall I work at. For months only the restaurants were open there. 

I slept with my hair in a bun again and my neck was hurting when I got there. They had all these trays with old crusted on dough on the back of them. They said they wanted it be fair so they had each person do 3 each. It was a little hard but it hurt my neck constantly looking down scraping it. The franchise owner came and this time I was not in some kind of bad moment like the last 2 times. Still nothing there is as bad as the crusted on orange chicken I encountered at the deli. I have yet to see something so bad there. But if I do I’ll report it.

I think they really noticed that I don’t want to answer the phone at work. It reminded me of the Goth Talk Skits were Azrael Abyss would not want to answer the phone. My manager found out that I can access the ordering system for some reason. Well now she knows its a problem, but she doesn’t know how to fix it. So I’m off the phone for now. Working at the pizza restaurant is not very goth. Neither is working at the Cinnabun.

It was slowing down and we needed 2 cheese pizzas. The girl working with me started to make one. Then this other guy takes a pre-made pepperoni one. He just starts picking pepperoni off a pizza hands it to me and tells me to put it in the oven. I wanted to laugh I thought it was funny and confusing.

RIP my Sony MP3 player; 2015-2020 😭👼 For some reason my dad won’t let me take the newer MP3 player to work. We I leave for work he takes it away from me. I get so bored. It won’t turn on, charge and the computer can’t even read it now. It was the best model I ever owned. The new one I have is ok, but not that good.

When I got home my mom vaguely recapped Smackdown for me. (I really need to get a DVR)