My dad did let me take the MP3 player to work finally. I put it in my back pocket and realized that when when I sit on it. It’s very lumpy compared to the old one.

My dad said he wanted to go to the record store on Father’s Day. But he never bothered to call the store to see what changed. So I called before work. The guy said he takes cash since a lot of places don’t anymore. That there can be 6-8 people in the store and to wear a mask. He doesn’t take checks never did even before all of this.

At work I got told I’m going to take a test about the sink. It can’t be as bad as the deli where they just had me watch pointless videos. I’ve been there since March and now I’m taking a test? *shurgs*

I was stuck washing dishes for a long time. I washed 28 pans and a bunch of other things. Then I had to do a bunch of other things. They were gonna make me stay until 10 I just knew it. I was stuck there for 5 hours. If they didn’t let me leave or have a lunch I was going to quit. I did rack up 11 hours this week though.