My dad and I went to the record store because it was Father’s Day and he suggested it a few days before. I was wearing my Pinky and the Brain shirt. The girl that works there complemented me on my shirt. She’s a real genki girl. I’ve met her before because usually when I go it’s the man who owns it.

I did find an “Enjoy the Silence” single. But it had the songs I was looking for “Sibeling” and “Memphisto” it also has the Harmonium mix. The last time I was there I saw 2 sets one of “Violator” and “Music for the Masses” with the documentary. My dad wanted me to buy it but I was so broke at the time. I was also looking for copies of  “Playing the Angel”, and the 2 Martin Gore Counterfeit solo albums. There was not much there I wanted because there was not much in the store.

I was thinking about buying a No Doubt album. The self titled one; I don’t have a copy of that on vinyl. My dad really wanted me to buy a Monkees album for $11; a copy of “Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.” Then she started to play some Monkees songs. Usually on Sundays they play the Beatles. My dad didn’t notice it was a Monkees song. It was “Saturday’s Child”.

They had band masks for $10. New Order, Bowie, Depeche Mode and others. I thought about it for a little while, but I want a kawaii mask and not one with Dave Gahan’s picture on it. What would they think if I wore that to work?

I found two cheap CDs for ¢ .89 that’s under a dollar! Cheaper than the thrift store. I got a Gob and Dishwalla one. I won’t feel guilty if I don’t like them because they are under a dollar. I can add a few new songs to my MP3 player.

My dad is really paranoid about the whole pandemic. He is even more paranoid than me. Even if he gets on my case about it. All he did was complain about it to the owner and then “brag” about how healthy he is to the owner. Whispers *he’s not that healthy* (but doesn’t have the virus)

Then the owner wished us both a happy Fathers’ Day.