I went to the dollar store to buy some snacks for the Live Spirits Depeche Mode concert movie stream at noon local time. It was like all the snacks were gone. Did everybody else who went to the dollar store buy up all the snacks to watch the stream? I bought soda, red vines, gummis, pretzels, and Raisinettes. The movie was ok. They sang the hits towards the end of the concert. The funny thing was when Dave’s outfits kept changing. Most of the time he was wearing a blue vest, black pants, and gold boots. But in some shots he was wearing a red vest, black pants with a red stripe down the side and red boots. It was funny and jarring. I drank a whole soda and ate a bunch of candy. It was pretty good for free. Not sure if I would buy the DVD. Maybe I’ll get a used copy.

I started manifest journaling today to see how it goes. I got a cute little notebook at the dollar store.

I watched a reading video that said I was going to have a great June. It was not that good. All the stuff that it said would happen didn’t happen. Some did but not enough. The funny thing is when I watched a video where the psychic would describe you. It said I was Asian and liked dancing. That is so not me. Some of them sort of describe me. One said I have child like energy and when people meet me they either love me or hate me. I guess these youtube videos are the equivalent of calling a psychic hotline.