When I was watching a wrestling news video before work they said it was going to be a tribute to the Undertaker show. I had a feeling I was going to miss a lot or all of it.

There was this funny note posted on the schedule that nobody asked for the 4th off so we all have to work it. those of us that usually work Saturdays. I didn’t ask for 2 reasons.

#1 I didn’t know I could have asked for the day off. I thought I was not there long enough to do such a thing.

#2 I really wanted to work that day. (possibly overtime pay) [I’ll have to look into this]

I almost scared my supervisor by slowly coming out of the walk in fridge. I had to I was carrying a tray of dough. I said I always used to do that at the deli. They would never properly dispose of meat there or empty the meat bucket.

I was working with that guy who can’t count to 10. He says he does all these drugs and does ‘shrooms in the forest. No wonder he can’t count to 10 makes so much sense now. They like to talk about doing drugs there. They are all young adults/teenagers. That’s all they ever cared about/talked about in junior college. Drugs, looking hot/sexy, fighting people and having fancy/souped up cars. That is something I don’t miss.

Then the guy asked why the pans get suck. I explained that it was science. The pans expand as they get heated in the oven as they cool they contract and get suck. That was one of the first things I thought about there when I found the suck pans. You just got schooled! I was talking about the crusted on food they used to leave there for 4 hours and the burned chicken.

Your first tooth, your first day of school, your first car, and your first performance evaluation. I never got one at the deli because I was not there long enough. I was told I was getting one because I was there for 6 months. It’s not been 6 months. I didn’t want to argue. The 6 month mark will be at the end August. Believe me I counted it. I felt that would be a good point to start looking for a new job even if I sent applications now. The 6 month mark is the record I want to break. I already broke the 90 day one. It said I worked too slow. I only did out of fear. Because at the deli quickness and hard work were punished. It also said I leave messes. That was another bad habit I learned at the deli. I was going to write about being denied breaks but I decided not to. Instead I wrote about memorizing the different types of pizza combinations we sell. IDK. *shrugs* I can’t read them very well since I don’t wear my glasses to work anymore.

Then another location the franchisee owns was closed so we got a whole bunch of orders and angry customers saying they got their delivery wrong.

The people at work must think I talk about the strangest things over the phone. I talk about people named Sheamus, Jeff, and Bailey. Then I say things like “chokeslam”. Like the time I was talking to my mom about the plot of the Bob’s Burgers episode “Flat-top O’ the Morning to Ya”.  I found out that you don’t get overtime pay on federal holidays in my state.

My dad still thinks “I made it up”. It might have been a long time ago but it is not anymore. I guess I’ll have to see how much I get paid.