There were not enough Pokémon food items to list so I added a few others to make the list add up to 10. They are Burger King items because I thought about Burger King’s relationship with Pokémon in the late 90s early 2000s.

Pokémon cereal
This was ok. It was pretty much Lucky Charms in Pokémon shapes. I remember the commercial my friend in high school who ate weird food said he would eat that scrambled egg pikachu.

Pokémon Pop Tarts
With the special Pokéberry flavor. What is Pokéberry? Like the berries in the game?

Pokémon waffles
I loved these things! There was nothing special about them. Just waffles with a picture of a Pokémon stamped on them. I remember there being pikachu and gengar ones. I was upset when they got replaced with Grinch themed waffles to promote the live action movie.

Pokémon Popsicle
These were pretty good the pikachu ones were lemon flavored and way better than those banana flavored Sailor Moon ice cream. The gengar ones were grape flavored. Pikachu’s cheeks and gengar’s eyes were red bottle cap candy.

Pokémon macaroni
This stuff didn’t cook properly. All those Pokémon shapes

Burger King Caesar Chicken Crisp Sandwich

Burger King X-treme Double Cheeseburger

Burger King Bacon Cheddar Whopper

Burger King Italian Chicken Crisp

Burger King Pancake Minis