My dad keeps telling to buy things from that record store. Because buying a few CDs and DVDs is going to save the record store. It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode The Frogger at least he is not as mean as the guy who ran the pizza restaurant who was mean to Jerry and George. My dad wants me to buy physical media, but not things I need like grooming items. Real smart dad. He’s always complaining about me wasting my money.

I’m really bad at pressing the dough. I had to switch tasks with someone else. Sometimes I hope that I’m so bad at it that they have me do something else or get help. You know that old joke about how the husband does something so badly the wife asks him never to do that thing again. I wasn’t there for long tonight. Not that I’m disappointed or anything. I needed a rest.

I beat my altador cup record I made rank 11. I didn’t play that much. This was my daily play schedule; 3-9 games of Yooyuball (depending if I had to go to work that day), 3 games of Slushie Slinger, 15 games of Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown I would just put on a video or music and listen to it while I mindless played this game. A tentative title for this blog was “How to Succeed in Yooyuball Without Really Trying”.