Pick it Off! — June 20, 2020

Pick it Off!

I tried to post this yesterday, but my internet was slow. 

Now since more things have opened up it’s way more crowded at the strip mall I work at. For months only the restaurants were open there. 

I slept with my hair in a bun again and my neck was hurting when I got there. They had all these trays with old crusted on dough on the back of them. They said they wanted it be fair so they had each person do 3 each. It was a little hard but it hurt my neck constantly looking down scraping it. The franchise owner came and this time I was not in some kind of bad moment like the last 2 times. Still nothing there is as bad as the crusted on orange chicken I encountered at the deli. I have yet to see something so bad there. But if I do I’ll report it.

I think they really noticed that I don’t want to answer the phone at work. It reminded me of the Goth Talk Skits were Azrael Abyss would not want to answer the phone. My manager found out that I can access the ordering system for some reason. Well now she knows its a problem, but she doesn’t know how to fix it. So I’m off the phone for now. Working at the pizza restaurant is not very goth. Neither is working at the Cinnabun.

It was slowing down and we needed 2 cheese pizzas. The girl working with me started to make one. Then this other guy takes a pre-made pepperoni one. He just starts picking pepperoni off a pizza hands it to me and tells me to put it in the oven. I wanted to laugh I thought it was funny and confusing.

RIP my Sony MP3 player; 2015-2020 😭👼 For some reason my dad won’t let me take the newer MP3 player to work. We I leave for work he takes it away from me. I get so bored. It won’t turn on, charge and the computer can’t even read it now. It was the best model I ever owned. The new one I have is ok, but not that good.

When I got home my mom vaguely recapped Smackdown for me. (I really need to get a DVR)

10 Things from the year 2000 — June 19, 2020

10 Things from the year 2000

I guess these are more like fads.

Mp3 Players
They were starting to become popular around then. I remember seeing an old ad for a Rio player in a magazine. They were small and didn’t hold much. The i-pod would come out next year in 2001.

Shiny Clothes
After the new millennium and leading up to it shiny clothes were the thing to wear because I guess they were seen as futuristic?

Rock Clothes
I don’t know how to describe these clothes. They said like “rock forever” or “rock star”on them.

rockshirts 001

Pink Hair
I wanna say Pink and Gwen Stefani made this hair color popular.

Off The Shoulder Tops
Part of the disco revival fashion. Something Gwen Stefani and other singers used to wear.

Low Rise Pants
They sort of went along with the cowboy fashion. But not all the low rise pants were western style. When you wore them too and showed your thong.

Cowboy Fashion
Popularized by Madonna and others.

Fur Coats
I hope they were the fake ones. 

New Breed Girl
Those shirts with those iron-ons of that girl with the big head.

newbreedoutfitbrat2000 001 - Copy


Pizza 101 — June 18, 2020

Pizza 101

Yesterday I got a call from work. I missed it again but not by much. I got the call when I was on the toilet. You know I don’t like to get too TMI on the blog. I noticed I had a message. Even my mom didn’t hear my phone ring and it was not on silent. I called back promptly. She told me I needed to sign something ,and to come in at 9AM tomorrow. 

Later in the day I was very distraught thinking I was going to be fired or something.

Today is 101 day. I was hoping to make it out to the Rose Bowl this year, but with everything that has happened I don’t think I ever will or that the fans will gather there to hang out unless there is a lot of space between them. I had really wanted to go out of sheer curiosity. 

It was nothing bad I was just told to come in to work a morning shift. I like working in the morning. It’s not bad. There is no rush. So much better than working at the deli in the morning. If you really wanted to work at the deli/bakery in the morning you had to get there at 4AM. I think I was called there because somebody ordered 20 pizzas. At least they bothered to order ahead. 

I was working with this older lady and she worked fast. Way faster than the older people at the deli. They walked so slow. They could barely walk 3 feet to the fridge to put sandwiches in. 

The dough was really springy and I hate when it’s like that. It’s harder to stretch. The pizzas come out funny and when there is more people they get mad at you because the dough behaves like that. That is a dough making/gluten problem. Not with the person who pressed them. 

Somebody else came to work early. I know her because she works nights/evenings too. 

I was trying to buy a pizza. The supervisor guy was trying to figure out how to charge me for it. I said I can’t work the register. Which is true. I’m not trained on it. We’re pressing random buttons. Until I figured out to press the decimal point on the register. Please don’t charge me $600 for a pizza from here. I would pay $600 for a pizza with rare gourmet ingredients cooked by a famous chef. Not made by the people I work with.

Rarity in a Grass Skirt — June 17, 2020

Rarity in a Grass Skirt

Time for another unboxing blog. Found this Cutie Mark Crew series 4 at the dollar store.

20200609_194505 (1) - Copy

20200609_194550 - Copy

They were by the exit and almost missed them. I only bought 1.

20200616_220004 - Copy

I got a fuzzy Rarity chaser figure in a grass skirt. I found the fuzzy ones to be a throwback to the G1 So Softs. They were either described as “fuzzily” or “nuzzily” depending on the version of the commercial you saw. Back in the 80s when everything was flocked. Before that the only Cutie Mark Crew toys I had were the McDonald’s Happy Meal ones. I was collecting them when I worked at the deli. 

20200616_215741 - Copy

I thought it was going to make a big mess, but if you open it upside down all the confetti doesn’t fall out. Some does come out when you open it. I opened it over an old issue of Meanstreet magazine.

20200507_094519 - Copy

Here is an old Best Gift Ever I picked up I think last month that I never opened. I got Flim or Flim Skim as he is called on the packaging.

20200616_220408 - Copy

The Happy Medium — June 16, 2020

The Happy Medium

After much deliberation it would be best to have 2 blogs. One about social justice and one about my constant inane thoughts. That way I can do both. I’m still working on the other blog. We now return to my inane thoughts. I know this has been annoying for a while.

Here is the soda review I never finished. I started writing this review of the Sweet Lightning soda; It is supposed to be formulated to go with chicken, but I don’t taste it. I think it does not pair as well as the Taco Bell menu and Baja Blast. It tasted like a liquefied version of those gummi peach rings. This soda has been out for a year and I just only tried it last week. It’s an ok flavor, but not my favorite. I’d drink it again.

Safari Party — June 15, 2020

Safari Party

Does anybody remember those old stationary characters by Mead in the late 80s early 90s? They had colorful animals on them.


My dad heard about the city safari on tv. When he first described it incorrectly I thought they were balloon arrangements in the shape of animals. When I went to the website they were not. They were those giant inflatables. Many of the animals relate to the business that sponsors them. Like the kangaroo is sponsored by Outback Steakhouse, but not all of them. The whole event is sponsored by a local area party company. Well they gotta do something with those inflatable animals. People post pictures of them on instagram #yourcitysafari

The last time I can only go on Sundays because they are held from Friday to Sunday and I work on those other 2 days. When we got lost during the first one. I told him to just follow a car with a sign on it. We don’t put a sign on our car because we’re rebels like that. If you saw all the animals up close they had a puzzle you could solve and fill out the form at the website and win prizes. I thought if Ghostwriter was real he could help me read the messages on the signs at each animal to solve the puzzle. My dad told me to let the kids win them, but they were nice prizes like dinner gift cards and shoes. 

They had it again, but it was still in the area. If it was being held in somewhere in Orange County. That would be too far for me. 

It didn’t take a long time because a lot of the animals were the same from the last one. I really liked the camels and panda. The camel was sponsored by the wine of the month club. The people put another camel by it. The other camel was like a statue or something. It was not an inflatable. I liked it.

Soap Can’t Fix This — June 14, 2020

Soap Can’t Fix This

So I read and see what everybody around me is writing about and such. This CM Punk message about AJ Styles really got to me. “Lotta people snitching on themselves. When people tell you who they are, believe it. Might be unfortunate and disappointing if you’re a fan of that person, or if it’s your grandmother, but f*** ‘em. Good bye! (I yield my time, f*** you.)” Why am I taking advice from him? I don’t know. That I was doing it wrong and gonna lose followers or fans or readers or whatever. That I was not using this blog as a platform effectively. Ok so maybe I’m not as popular as either of them are. And I was feeling a lot of things that I was not helping I was not informing the public.

I had saved up some money to get a nice new secret hobby item. One I had really wanted for a long time. To put that money that would have gone to buy that item to be donated instead. Because buying that item would be selfish. This was part of the message for my “new blog”. “Telling people to donate and me not even have done it myself. Doing so would be hypocritical.” Then have links to donate and stuff. My plans for this blog was just to constantly post things about racism and such. Or write fake posts that then lead into anti racism posts. something like “I went to the mall to buy a necklace. Just kidding. Who cares about me going to the mall to buy a necklace anyway? Now I have you attention end racism!” “And maybe go back to the old format and maybe not and just end it.” Was I really attached to this blog that much?

Over the past week I had lots of blog ideas too bad I couldn’t blog them. I bought a new toy to review. Looking at that thing there alone and unopened. Thinking about my boring neighbor and how much my grandma liked her and her family for some reason. All those old Taco Bell commercials from the year  2000 I watched for nothing.

Inane happenings at my workplace:
Friday 6-5
They had me work late. Then I called home as I listened to my mom vaguely summarize part of a Smackdown episode over the phone. It seems like there everybody is working together to get the pizzas out. Not like the deli where sometimes my coworkers would hide/keep/break things so nothing would get done. Got a call for a job I applied to but missed because I was working. Damn!
Saturday 6-6
I got in trouble for not pounding dough fast enough all by myself. Then I got another task to do wings. Somebody told me to do them at a small table. What small table? A cart is not a “table” this isn’t the deli. You need a lot of space to do that. So it took forever with no space and me being stuck in everyone’s way. Everybody was just being a jerk there. I almost quit that day. Then I got to pound dough with another coworker. My co-worker can count to 10 now! Yay! I was stuck there for 4 and a half hours. Plus my dad gets mad at me for the back of the place being too small and there being no room to work. How can I control that?
Friday 6-12
I got a call I missed. I could not hear my phone on my bed. The bedding muffles the ringtone when I leave my phone on the bed. I hoping it was for a better job, but it wasn’t. They called from a different number so I wouldn’t know it was them. Neck tattoo guy was the one who ruined my St Patrick’s Day
Saturday 6-13
I dropped 2 stacks of pans trying to get more. I need empty pans to pound the dough in. When they are too stuck I just throw them in a pile behind the oil bucket when no one is looking. I do it “deli style“. If they had to separate stuck pans at the deli there would just be a super high stack of stuck pans. Plus if I struggle with them too much if there is an annoying hovering coworker they will bother me.

10 More tv Shows From 1990 — June 13, 2020

10 More tv Shows From 1990

Supermarket Sweep
The David Ruprecht version that was on Lifetime/Pax. I’m lumping these together in this entry. I’m too young to remember the original version of this show.

Like Captain Planet I didn’t like preachy environmental message of the show.

So this is not a tv show but a two part tv mini series. According to many spearheaded the spread of coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) in the US. So before 1990 people were not scared of clowns? People should also know this was a book that was published in 1986 before it became a tv mini series. Let’s not forget Tim Curry and Harry Anderson were in this.

I didn’t start watching this show first run until the end of the series; around season 6.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
I forgot in earlier seasons the Banks family lived in a different mansion. And when Will used to wear the uniform jacked inside out.

Beverly Hills, 90210
I think I have never watched an episode this show. I’m not sure.

Twin Peaks

Dream On
I think I saw this show a few times as a kid. I think I didn’t understand the premise of the show. I saw the edited Fox version.

Watching this show I learned what a virgin was. I thought Six dressed better than Blossom even if she did popularize those flipped up brim hats with the giant flowers on them.

The Baby-Sitters Club
I’ve never seen this show. Funny thing was that my 3rd grade teacher banned the class from reading this series of books and the Sweet Valley ones too. But this is the same teacher who didn’t want the class to watch tv. Even if I was really into Ghostwriter and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Which are educational programs anyway. 

10 Songs From the Year 2000 Volume 10 — June 12, 2020

10 Songs From the Year 2000 Volume 10

Some of these songs are a little bit more obscure.

“What’s Your Fantasy?” by Ludacris

They used to play this all the time during lunch at my school. Not sure why they thought it was appropriate to play it during lunch. My friend used to sing that song all the time when it wasn’t lunch.

“Sparks are Gonna Fly” by Catherine Wheel

Not much to say about this song. I like their earlier work. Now that I listen to it recently I like it a little more.

“One More Time” by Daft Punk

“Just Rock n Roll” by Midtown

“Over You” by Dwarves

“Too Much Stereo” by The Urge
Perhaps you remember them from their other song “Jump Right In”? The music video is so funny. It’s the band presented in an infomercial style. They do things like help you lose weight, clean spills and security.

“Promise” by Eve 6

I used to watch this video all the time when I worked at the deli. Quitting over the phone was not as cool and grand as the people who rage quit their jobs in the music video. The “Horrorscope” album cover has that cool looking anime style lady on it.

 “The Crystal Lake” by Grandaddy


I associate this video with the ending of Are-oh-vee. It was the closing video of episode #499 with this message. That is for a whole other entry in 2001. So lookout for that in the coming year.

“Let’s Go All The Way” by Insane Clown Posse (cover)
Their song changes the lyrics. I didn’t even know they covered this song. Seek out the original if you like mid 80s synthpop.

“Money to Burn” by Richard Ashcroft
His solo stuff was so much better than The Verve stuff.

The State of this Blog for Now — June 8, 2020

The State of this Blog for Now

It’s not that I don’t care what is happening in the US and all the racial inequality. Since I’m not using this blog to promote a message. That would hypocritical to keep blogging. So for now this blog is suspended. And all my instagram posts. Not like I was posting much on there anyway. I have 2 more decade blogs scheduled for the end of the week, but that is it.