Somebody’s Watching Me — July 31, 2020

Somebody’s Watching Me

Nothing really interesting happened at work. Took my temperature they have been saying they were going to do this since back in April. That supervisor who got transferred was talking about it.  Washed dishes for 90 minutes. They are tying hard to distance the people. But it is hard when a bunch of pizza orders come in, and the back is small. I was told to go home on time. I need more than a measly 5 hours a week. Maybe that means I need to leave. I did get a reading about outgrowing your job. I’m ready to go and it’s not even the beginning of the month yet. Maybe I’ll start my job search on Sunday. I’m hoping for at least 12 hours and up.

Then I got another reading about keeping your social media on lock down. That is like a policy I have even before that reading. When I exchanged addresses at the deli. It was my professional address I use when applying for jobs. I don’t give my instagram name and I don’t have a facebook or tiktok.

I thought about this song.

There is a Subway near where I work so I decided to try a rib sandwich. I haven’t had one in like 20 years. I remember because my dad dragged me out to Hawaiian Gardens one of those scam seminars where they tell you “how to get money for college”, but really just charged you to fill out a paper FASFA. Remember those? (He didn’t believe me until I showed him a magazine for students going to college that said so. Got dragged out to 2 different ones in far away places from where we lived.) So I ordered one with on white bread no sauce and lots of lettuce. The sandwich artist is confused by the lack of sauce. Say this is her favorite sandwich. Then this person must be old. Asks why I eat it this way; picky kid me ate this combo it’s very nostalgic. (Now my weird order is going to end up on a “Weird orders at Subway” post on reddit) It tasted a good as they did back in the 90s.

That’s the thing I needed when I watched the World reunion last week. Lettuce and rib sandwich, fruit snacks and some Yoohoo. I used to take these sandwiches to school. I’d get a 12 inch for dinner the day before. Eat half for dinner. Then put the other half in the fridge for lunch tomorrow. It was good yet despised along with peanut butter and banana sandwiches. The other kids thought it looked weird. It tasted better after it was sitting in a classroom for part of the day. I’d bite into it all the soggy lettuce would fall out. There was this one girl all she ever did was criticize what I ate and the notebooks I took to school. She used to accuse me of eating peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches. There was never any jelly in it. (I tried that combo tasted horrible.) I guess once you reach 6th grade Power Rangers is uncool. I said “It’s just paper why should it matter that the cover had Power Rangers on it?” (I got those notebooks on sale because they were old store stock) I said “I don’t care what other people think.” She said I should. Stupid me! I should have listened to that girl! Retreat with the tail between the legs was the best option! (younger me was much braver, but also much stupider)🤔

10 Songs From the Year 2000 Volume 14 —

10 Songs From the Year 2000 Volume 14

“Stacked Actors” by Foo Fighters

I think there was not a music video made for this song. Wikipedia does not list one made.

“Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit

I cited the lyrics to this song for my impromptu speech exercise.

“Ms. Jackson” by Outkast

Mad TV did a funny parody of this song about Jesse Jackson.

“Weekends” by The Black Eyed Peas

I vaguely remember the music video. This is pre-Fergie but they got Estero. And there’s some Debbie Deb in there too. When I look at the thumbnail it makes me think of that Our Time! SNL skit.

“Jupiter” by The Presidents of the USA

“Charlotte” by Kittie 

 “Playground Love” by Air

Not sure why they didn’t bother re-uploading this at something higher than 240. All I remember is singing gum. Oh yeah and the movie The Virgin Suicides.

“Minority” by Green Day

This “punk” girl I took art class with hated this song. Not that she had to like Green Day to be punk or anything. Since she looked more punk than me people at school thought she had more cred. Just because you have funny colored hair and wear a lot of eye makeup and write the names of punk bands on your backpack. Doesn’t make you punk. She could not even pronounce the names of the bands correctly or know who they were. Boy was I relived when she moved to another state. (end rant) The balloons in the music video look funny.

“Hemorrhage (In My Hands)” by Fuel

“Country Grammar” by Nelly


I Hear Voices in my Head — July 30, 2020

I Hear Voices in my Head

I woke up early because there was an earthquake. It was not near me at first I thought I dreamt it. I was on my phone but saw nothing. Then I decided to watch tv, but I was watching Mister Ed. A lot of the tv channels were showing the launch. But then I saw earthquake coverage. I was not crazy, but could not sleep all morning. It was not near me to feel it too much just like if someone kicked my mattress once.

At the store I’ve been trying to stock up on supplies like canned food and shelf food.

20200730_173123 - Copy

I got this Randy Orton DVD at the dollar store. There is one match with Cena in it. It’s not bad for a dollar. It only has 4 matches on it. And 3 of them involve the stable The Legacy. Remember them? One of the listings confused me it said Randy vs Ted DiBiase. I mistakenly thought it was the dad. I guess since his dad is more commonly referred to as The Million Dollar Man. It says copyright 2012 on it.

Pizza in the Bathroom — July 29, 2020

Pizza in the Bathroom

I though my dad was going to tell me to quit my job or something. He likes to ban me from stuff.

Later he tells me he drove by my work to see if it was open. Why?

I got a call from my supervisor to come into work on Friday. Of course I missed it by being in the bathroom again. Why do they always have to call while I’m in the bathroom? They still owe me pay stubs for all of July. I was going to ask for them until I found out the place was closed.


It Still can’t be Helped — July 28, 2020

It Still can’t be Helped

That blog I accidentally posted was not supposed to be posted. I was just working on it.

My dad is still mad at me about the outbreak at work. Like that was something in my control ever. Why do I get in trouble by him for things that are beyond my control?

Later I got a phone call on my phone with volume problems. I was told I was not exposed to the person with the virus. I thought that might be a possibility since I only work 2 days a week. I was also told that I would get a call about when to come into work. 

He claims he got mad because he cares about me. Yeah sure…😕😑

It’s why I haven’t chose a bank yet or if ever. Then what is the point of making a decision if you are just going to say it is wrong and criticize it anyway? I’d rather do nothing.

Perfectly Imperfect  — July 26, 2020

Perfectly Imperfect 

When I was working on an blog I was reading my old diaries from my junior year. Saying about how my teachers demanded perfection. That if your paper had one error like in spelling or grammar you would get a really bad grade like an “F” or “D”. I can’t remember a time between K-12 that the teachers did not demand perfection. Especially in high school. They claimed that would happen in college, but it didn’t really as long as you didn’t turn in some half assed assignment, something completely off topic, or nothing.

I was reading an article about performing about how you just have to go with it when things go wrong. That is something I struggle with. Remember cola pants? I think that is one of the reasons I don’t like performing especially improv. Now I know we all can’t be Wayne Brady. But can improv magically turn you into a social butterfly and cure social anxiety? People say that a lot.

5 Tips for Getting Over Perfectionism in Improv

I read in a different article that perfectionists are not creative. I’m plenty creative. I just don’t want to tell or show anybody or do it in a covert or anonymous way. I don’t go around in cute shoes that have like printed crayons on them or look like I bought my clothes at Ms. Frizzle’s yard sale.



Lazy Saturday (from work) — July 25, 2020

Lazy Saturday (from work)

Since it was opening weekend and baseball is back umm… sort of. They have recorded cheers and digital crowds. I think I cumulatively watched about 7 hours of 3 different baseball games.

I was thinking if I was working it would have been a busy Saturday. With baseball being back and all. I imagined getting lots of pizza orders and orders for many pizzas at a time like 5 and up per order. If the restaurant is not open by next Saturday I could potentially watch the Angel game. But if it is not I probably won’t get paid. Which will most likely anger my dad in some way. I can sense it.

RIP Regis Philbin. Talk show host, spokesman and game show host. And his funny appearance on Game Changers.

10 songs from 1990 volume 7 —

10 songs from 1990 volume 7

“Lies” by En Vogue

“Valentine Girl” by New Kids on The Block

“Play That Funky Music” Vanilla Ice cover


“Pray” by MC Hammer

“New Inside” by Tiffany

“Way Down Now” by World Party 


“Wiggle It” by 2 In A Room

“Dig for Fire” by Pixies

“Deadbeat Club” by The B-52’s 

Joan Jett cover of “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”

A Nice Tall Drink of Nostalgia — July 24, 2020

A Nice Tall Drink of Nostalgia

I was listening to Mp3s in the car. It’s on random and usually plays Depeche Mode songs for some reason and nothing else. I’m not sure how to change the settings. I heard a Rockapella song few days ago.

To get in the spirit of things I listened to my World soundtrack CDs.

It was refreshing to see sports scores in my phone again haven’t seen those like since February. Forgot what those notifications looked like.

Random thought I had now that the virus is out I noticed people aren’t taking random dogs to stores anymore. That is refreshing in a way.

This is a series of Hosts at Home. I watched the Bob Eubanks one and I’ll watch a few more besides the World episode.

I almost missed the premiere I almost slept though it. So I didn’t have time to wear something special. I was planning on wearing my checker print tie. Or get special snacks. Not sure what I would have eaten. I have some Yoo-Hoo laying around. It was a great episode with lots of behind the scenes stuff and fun stories. I was a little disappointed Greg could not make the live chat. Sean said to have a cocktail. Which I did cream soda and Malibu rum. It tastes so smooth with that cream and coconut flavor combined.

I pretended to work at home squatted a few times and complained about somebody ordering 15 pizzas with no cheese. I was thinking if this lasts longer than a week will I not get paid for another week? IDK my dad is still mad about all this. He just has to learn this is nothing we can control. 

The barfight on Smackdown kinda reminded me of a fan fic I wrote circa 2004.

10 Barbies from 1990 (toys) —

10 Barbies from 1990 (toys)

A list of 10 Barbies and/or friends. The copyright on these dolls is kind of sketchy. It’s debatable between 1990 or 1991.

Wedding Day Midge
I got one for my 8th birthday. Loved her convertible clothes. Probably one of my favorite fashion dolls as a kid. Not including the Disney Princess dolls.

Hawaiian Fun Barbie
All my friends at school had this doll or a doll from this line. I did get a Ken from this line for my 8th birthday. I wanted a female doll from this line so badly. Maybe I should find an MIB doll to buy online for a reasonable price. The Barbie that was his girlfriend was the Sun Sensation Barbie I had.

Ice Capades Barbie

Happy Birthday Barbie
I still remember the jingle for this doll. I got the McDonalds mini figure of this doll.

Lights and Lace Barbie
If Jem had survived in to 1990s maybe she would have had an outfit that looked similar to this. This doll did light up. Which was ripping off Jem.

All American Barbie
I had school supplies with her picture on it.

My First Princess Barbie

Babysitter Skipper

Costume Ball Barbie
I wanted this doll but never got one.

Ski Fun Barbie