My Dad wants to buy an album online. From somewhere and wants me to help. Not like that doesn’t sound like a disaster waiting to happen. He’s on his own. Why did he get mad when I bought albums when I worked at the deli, but now he wants me to buy albums?

Right before I had to get ready for work I was having proxy server problems. I wanted to fix it in case my dad got bored and wanted to use the internet.

He keeps trying to convince me to buy more albums.

If I get way too dehydrated my toes curl up. They were so curled up I was limping, but I was trying to hide it. i was asked if I could box and cut a pizza in under 2 minutes. I don’t know I did it once. I thought I was getting tested on the 3 compartment sink. That I know, that I studied for. I didn’t get tested on that or pizza slicing.

When I go pound dough I get told to do something else. Yep, inept husband strategy worked.

I bought a pizza at work. I thought the pizza was less than it was. The funny thing was I had exact change. (in coins)

My Mp3 player just died on me. I bought it in September of last year. My dad wanted to “help me fix it in the daylight” Whatever the hell that means. I was mad it died on me in less than a year and I didn’t even break it this time. It doesn’t have a reset button. I wanted to see if the computer could read it. Sometimes they are dead but the computer could read them. But I went to some website and trouble shot it and got it working again.