In the morning I was just getting in everybody’s way. So I just started writing an outline for an upcoming blog. I do outline autobiographical events. Then I got in trouble for doing nothing. You told me to get out of your way so I did what more do you want?

Today is Alex Trebek’s birthday. How could I forget by constantly watching Classic Concentration reruns. Because he tells the contestants to pick number 22 on the board, and sometimes 7; July 22nd.

My dad got mad at me for yelling at the people over the phone. If you have not gotten paid in 3 days wouldn’t you be upset? Even just a little? I know he would if it was him. I was nice and gave them an extra day but nothing changed. No new card shipped. Nothing! They said their phone system was not working. Now you are going to acknowledge this? Two days ago when I called this was “my” problem according to them. Then I asked how long it would take the card to get to me. First it was tomorrow 2 days ago. Now its 7-10 business days. All I wanted was a balance. So the guy read it to me over the phone.

So that meant there was a balance on it and I got paid. The bank was annoying as usual. Then the banker messed up again! I don’t know if she can’t hear me or what. She gave me the amount in 2 parts. You have to hurry up and collect your money so they can disinfect the counter. I kept getting in trouble by my dad for what the bank messes up like the tellers not have name tags or plates. How can I even fix/control that?! I think the guy that gave me the balance over the phone read the amount backwards. Instead of ¢.06 he told me ¢.60. Then when I called back they told me all the balance was gone which was right since I took it all out.

After all that I get a call from the franchise owner. I thought she was going to tell me that I was fired. I was still upset about what happened at the bank. I decided to just listen to her and take it all in. Somebody at work tested positive and the place is closed. I will still get paid for the 5 hours I was scheduled to work. My mom really didn’t mind, but when I told my dad he was really mad about it. He demanded I tell him who the person was. (that was not disclosed to me over the phone) I don’t even know all the names of the people I regulatory work with. When they all wear masks they look quite indistinguishable. Especially the males for some reason. What can I do? Besides quit my job. Not to sound crass or anything but I felt like it was only a matter of time before this happened. I remember reading an article (which I cannot find) that said to deal with your anxiety if you are working somewhere in person like at a store or restaurant to just either tell yourself you are going to get it or you are not going to get it. And that is supposedly a healthy way to think about it. IDK. 🤷

I don’t know why but I immediately thought of this song. Fun fact this music video was directed by Peter Care (pronounced “car”) He also directed the music video for “Shake the Disease”. One of my favorite music videos of theirs not directed by Anton Corbijn Besides the Julien Temple ones. What can I say I really like the video for “See You”.

I like to think of this song when they make me wash dishes for a long time. Like over an hour.

The decade blogs I usually post are going to be posted because I had them scheduled.

It’s the one year anniversary of my working at that terrible t-shirt place. Which I think might be closed right now. I think they are closed or were closed due to the pandemic.

I have no idea what to do what that “spare time” besides watch Smackdown. I hope it’s a good episode this week. Maybe I’ll pretend I’m at work and squat a lot and complain that Pete ordered 12 pepperoni pizzas with no cheese and Renee ordered 16 Half sausage and the other half olives and mushrooms.

After I thought about it I can wear nail polish for like a week. It would have been like the end of The Simpsons episode “Margical Mystery Tour” It would say “That afternoon (my name) watched Live Spirits and wore black nail polish to work the next day”.