A list of 10 Barbies and/or friends. The copyright on these dolls is kind of sketchy. It’s debatable between 1990 or 1991.

Wedding Day Midge
I got one for my 8th birthday. Loved her convertible clothes. Probably one of my favorite fashion dolls as a kid. Not including the Disney Princess dolls.

Hawaiian Fun Barbie
All my friends at school had this doll or a doll from this line. I did get a Ken from this line for my 8th birthday. I wanted a female doll from this line so badly. Maybe I should find an MIB doll to buy online for a reasonable price. The Barbie that was his girlfriend was the Sun Sensation Barbie I had.

Ice Capades Barbie

Happy Birthday Barbie
I still remember the jingle for this doll. I got the McDonalds mini figure of this doll.

Lights and Lace Barbie
If Jem had survived in to 1990s maybe she would have had an outfit that looked similar to this. This doll did light up. Which was ripping off Jem.

All American Barbie
I had school supplies with her picture on it.

My First Princess Barbie

Babysitter Skipper

Costume Ball Barbie
I wanted this doll but never got one.

Ski Fun Barbie