I was listening to Mp3s in the car. It’s on random and usually plays Depeche Mode songs for some reason and nothing else. I’m not sure how to change the settings. I heard a Rockapella song few days ago.

To get in the spirit of things I listened to my World soundtrack CDs.

It was refreshing to see sports scores in my phone again haven’t seen those like since February. Forgot what those notifications looked like.

Random thought I had now that the virus is out I noticed people aren’t taking random dogs to stores anymore. That is refreshing in a way.

This is a series of Hosts at Home. I watched the Bob Eubanks one and I’ll watch a few more besides the World episode.

I almost missed the premiere I almost slept though it. So I didn’t have time to wear something special. I was planning on wearing my checker print tie. Or get special snacks. Not sure what I would have eaten. I have some Yoo-Hoo laying around. It was a great episode with lots of behind the scenes stuff and fun stories. I was a little disappointed Greg could not make the live chat. Sean said to have a cocktail. Which I did cream soda and Malibu rum. It tastes so smooth with that cream and coconut flavor combined.

I pretended to work at home squatted a few times and complained about somebody ordering 15 pizzas with no cheese. I was thinking if this lasts longer than a week will I not get paid for another week? IDK my dad is still mad about all this. He just has to learn this is nothing we can control. 

The barfight on Smackdown kinda reminded me of a fan fic I wrote circa 2004.