When I was working on an blog I was reading my old diaries from my junior year. Saying about how my teachers demanded perfection. That if your paper had one error like in spelling or grammar you would get a really bad grade like an “F” or “D”. I can’t remember a time between K-12 that the teachers did not demand perfection. Especially in high school. They claimed that would happen in college, but it didn’t really as long as you didn’t turn in some half assed assignment, something completely off topic, or nothing.

I was reading an article about performing about how you just have to go with it when things go wrong. That is something I struggle with. Remember cola pants? I think that is one of the reasons I don’t like performing especially improv. Now I know we all can’t be Wayne Brady. But can improv magically turn you into a social butterfly and cure social anxiety? People say that a lot.

5 Tips for Getting Over Perfectionism in Improv

I read in a different article that perfectionists are not creative. I’m plenty creative. I just don’t want to tell or show anybody or do it in a covert or anonymous way. I don’t go around in cute shoes that have like printed crayons on them or look like I bought my clothes at Ms. Frizzle’s yard sale.