Nothing really interesting happened at work. Took my temperature they have been saying they were going to do this since back in April. That supervisor who got transferred was talking about it.  Washed dishes for 90 minutes. They are tying hard to distance the people. But it is hard when a bunch of pizza orders come in, and the back is small. I was told to go home on time. I need more than a measly 5 hours a week. Maybe that means I need to leave. I did get a reading about outgrowing your job. I’m ready to go and it’s not even the beginning of the month yet. Maybe I’ll start my job search on Sunday. I’m hoping for at least 12 hours and up.

Then I got another reading about keeping your social media on lock down. That is like a policy I have even before that reading. When I exchanged addresses at the deli. It was my professional address I use when applying for jobs. I don’t give my instagram name and I don’t have a facebook or tiktok.

I thought about this song.

There is a Subway near where I work so I decided to try a rib sandwich. I haven’t had one in like 20 years. I remember because my dad dragged me out to Hawaiian Gardens one of those scam seminars where they tell you “how to get money for college”, but really just charged you to fill out a paper FASFA. Remember those? (He didn’t believe me until I showed him a magazine for students going to college that said so. Got dragged out to 2 different ones in far away places from where we lived.) So I ordered one with on white bread no sauce and lots of lettuce. The sandwich artist is confused by the lack of sauce. Say this is her favorite sandwich. Then this person must be old. Asks why I eat it this way; picky kid me ate this combo it’s very nostalgic. (Now my weird order is going to end up on a “Weird orders at Subway” post on reddit) It tasted a good as they did back in the 90s.

That’s the thing I needed when I watched the World reunion last week. Lettuce and rib sandwich, fruit snacks and some Yoohoo. I used to take these sandwiches to school. I’d get a 12 inch for dinner the day before. Eat half for dinner. Then put the other half in the fridge for lunch tomorrow. It was good yet despised along with peanut butter and banana sandwiches. The other kids thought it looked weird. It tasted better after it was sitting in a classroom for part of the day. I’d bite into it all the soggy lettuce would fall out. There was this one girl all she ever did was criticize what I ate and the notebooks I took to school. She used to accuse me of eating peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches. There was never any jelly in it. (I tried that combo tasted horrible.) I guess once you reach 6th grade Power Rangers is uncool. I said “It’s just paper why should it matter that the cover had Power Rangers on it?” (I got those notebooks on sale because they were old store stock) I said “I don’t care what other people think.” She said I should. Stupid me! I should have listened to that girl! Retreat with the tail between the legs was the best option! (younger me was much braver, but also much stupider)🤔