Farts and Fan Art — July 23, 2020

Farts and Fan Art

First off I want to say, Happy Birthday Martin Gore!

I watched some Depeche Mode videos early in the day. “Shake the Disease” and “Halo” and “Pimpf”. Those last 2 are not on the DVD set I have.

What did I do to celebrate it? Buy exotic crossbred plums. (just kidding) I was at the store and really wanted some fancy fruit now that I can afford it again.

I was in another store looking for a new purse and there was this group of other people shopping near me, but not too close. They farted a really bad fart that smelled like sewage. No good toys there just leftover Easter toys. No good purses either.

So this is something happening tomorrow.

Greg! (and Sean, Scott, Elliott, Barry and Jeff) Any long time readers of my blog know how I feel about Greg through countless blog entries about him.  Good thing I don’t I have to go to work tomorrow. The 30th anniversary of the show premiering is next year in 2021. My 9 year old self is very excited, but also I would not like 9 year old me living in this world today. 🤔

I made some Martin Gore fan art celebrating his birthday. I haven’t been drawing much. Even with quarantine and stuff. It left me mentally depleted. I really enjoy drawing Martin with fictional characters like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls, Eternal Sailor Moon and a Care Bear.

Later I watched some more of their music videos. Mostly the ones with the songs he sang lead on.


C’est la vie, That’s just the way it goes, That’s right! — July 22, 2020

C’est la vie, That’s just the way it goes, That’s right!

In the morning I was just getting in everybody’s way. So I just started writing an outline for an upcoming blog. I do outline autobiographical events. Then I got in trouble for doing nothing. You told me to get out of your way so I did what more do you want?

Today is Alex Trebek’s birthday. How could I forget by constantly watching Classic Concentration reruns. Because he tells the contestants to pick number 22 on the board, and sometimes 7; July 22nd.

My dad got mad at me for yelling at the people over the phone. If you have not gotten paid in 3 days wouldn’t you be upset? Even just a little? I know he would if it was him. I was nice and gave them an extra day but nothing changed. No new card shipped. Nothing! They said their phone system was not working. Now you are going to acknowledge this? Two days ago when I called this was “my” problem according to them. Then I asked how long it would take the card to get to me. First it was tomorrow 2 days ago. Now its 7-10 business days. All I wanted was a balance. So the guy read it to me over the phone.

So that meant there was a balance on it and I got paid. The bank was annoying as usual. Then the banker messed up again! I don’t know if she can’t hear me or what. She gave me the amount in 2 parts. You have to hurry up and collect your money so they can disinfect the counter. I kept getting in trouble by my dad for what the bank messes up like the tellers not have name tags or plates. How can I even fix/control that?! I think the guy that gave me the balance over the phone read the amount backwards. Instead of ¢.06 he told me ¢.60. Then when I called back they told me all the balance was gone which was right since I took it all out.

After all that I get a call from the franchise owner. I thought she was going to tell me that I was fired. I was still upset about what happened at the bank. I decided to just listen to her and take it all in. Somebody at work tested positive and the place is closed. I will still get paid for the 5 hours I was scheduled to work. My mom really didn’t mind, but when I told my dad he was really mad about it. He demanded I tell him who the person was. (that was not disclosed to me over the phone) I don’t even know all the names of the people I regulatory work with. When they all wear masks they look quite indistinguishable. Especially the males for some reason. What can I do? Besides quit my job. Not to sound crass or anything but I felt like it was only a matter of time before this happened. I remember reading an article (which I cannot find) that said to deal with your anxiety if you are working somewhere in person like at a store or restaurant to just either tell yourself you are going to get it or you are not going to get it. And that is supposedly a healthy way to think about it. IDK. 🤷

I don’t know why but I immediately thought of this song. Fun fact this music video was directed by Peter Care (pronounced “car”) He also directed the music video for “Shake the Disease”. One of my favorite music videos of theirs not directed by Anton Corbijn Besides the Julien Temple ones. What can I say I really like the video for “See You”.

I like to think of this song when they make me wash dishes for a long time. Like over an hour.

The decade blogs I usually post are going to be posted because I had them scheduled.

It’s the one year anniversary of my working at that terrible t-shirt place. Which I think might be closed right now. I think they are closed or were closed due to the pandemic.

I have no idea what to do what that “spare time” besides watch Smackdown. I hope it’s a good episode this week. Maybe I’ll pretend I’m at work and squat a lot and complain that Pete ordered 12 pepperoni pizzas with no cheese and Renee ordered 16 Half sausage and the other half olives and mushrooms.

After I thought about it I can wear nail polish for like a week. It would have been like the end of The Simpsons episode “Margical Mystery Tour” It would say “That afternoon (my name) watched Live Spirits and wore black nail polish to work the next day”.

Your Reaction is More Important — July 20, 2020

Your Reaction is More Important

I called to check the balance on my payment card. It said I had a bad pin or something. When I talked to the lady from customer service she told me a bunch of strange things. I have no idea what the hell she told me. I’m supposed to get a new card in the mail. I haven’t got yet. My mom got mad that I was not bothered about not getting paid, but how my dad would react to it. My mom said he should not be worried about me not getting paid since he doesn’t work there. It’s like that Dwight quote from The Office. “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, ‘Would an idiot do that?’ And if they would, I do not do that thing.” I really wish I got paper checks like I did from the deli. That is one of the few things I miss from there, but not much else.  

So he tells me do not think that. Like that is going to help. I really don’t understand what he wants anymore from me. I’m so confused. That is like saying “Hey fatty put down that double bacon cheese burger.” To get a person to stop being fat and eat better.

Rat Trap — July 19, 2020

Rat Trap

So Chuck E. Cheese filed for bankruptcy.

I think it’s demise was similar to Toys R Us. People are not having kids to take to a place like this. They were having trouble pre-virus.

I never liked the pizza there. When I was a kid I always went for the salad bar. I never went there for the pizza. Who goes there for the pizza? Especially in the 1980s. It was all about the experience. The ball pit, the animatronic band, the costumed characters, the games, the prizes. I didn’t go there much as a kid. I think I went 1-2 times a year if I was lucky. I would ask to go there for my birthday, but not have a party there.

I remember all the decorative umbrellas that hung from the ceiling. I got this from a screen cap of a training video for Chuck E. Cheese. Once my dad was going to buy me one, but when he asked how much they were really over priced.



I was not very good at the games when I was younger. I hated skee-ball and don’t like it much as I got older. I was much better at shooting and whacking games when I was older. I really liked the Hungry Hungry Hippos arcade game. When I was very little I liked the rides. There was this one I really liked that looked like a rainbow. If you were really small/skinny you could cram 2/3 kids into a ride that was made to fit one kid.

The kids seemed to like going on stage with the robots. I never did. I used to tell them to get off the stage. The kids would be confused they’d look at the robot the look at the performer. I used to like that little thing that popped out of the log/pipe. I used to think that Fatz Geronimo from Showbiz was looking at me. I used to be afraid of him. It was funny when the person in the Chuck E. costume would come out front by the stage to dance and confuse some kids. They’d be looking at robot and then at the costumed character with a confused look on their face. 

Another time the employees were just having a bad day there. My mom overheard that Chuck E. Cheese’s head fell off. She didn’t see it neither did I. Then they brought out Mr. Munch to the arcade area and the kids there mobbed him. Somehow his shoe fell off in the process. There was the handler worker there holding the big shoe by the laces helping Mr. Munch limp to the backstage area wearing one shoe and one sock on the other foot.

One time I went there with my older cousin. She stole 2 ball pit balls. One for me and one for her. I still have it after all these years it’s blue. This was way before you could buy those mini ball pits at stores and stuff.

When I was in 2nd grade my friend had a birthday party there. We rode a bunch of the rides together because we were so skinny.

I usually did not go for the branded items. Unless it was little items like pencils and stuff. I did have a Chuck E. Cheese firefighter hat. When I was a kid I really wanted the Helen purse and the Munch Box. (wallets and Munch Box not mine)



When I was cleaning out my purse I did find this old pencil pouch I have the Muppet baby Kermit and Chip stickers added by me. I wonder if the pig character on it is Madame Oink. Or just some random pig girl getting an autograph.

20200715_153647 - Copy

20200715_153629 - Copy

I think the last time I ever went to a Chuck E. Cheese was when I was 13. It was right before Halloween. The Pasadena, CA location was the one I went to most. It was a Showbiz before they converted it. Then it moved locations in the same shopping center.

I went to Peter Pipers once I was 15 and it was boring there. They had a bunch of “expensive” prizes like a lawnmower and washing machine for thousands of tickets. I didn’t want those items they are for chores. That was the last time I was at a children’s themed play area pizza restaurant. I think that location closed a few years later. There are no more Peter Pipers in the area that I know of.

A few years ago some upscale children’s play cafes opened in the area. I think they were for kids 5 and under. I never went to these places I don’t have kids to take to them. They got horrible reviews and said that the food was not very good and they were constantly hiring.

Shoot for the Moon — July 18, 2020

Shoot for the Moon

Some neighbors were shooting (filming) something, and my dad got really paranoid. Who knows we could be living across the way from a big youtube star and not even know it. The place was vacant for a few months.

When I got to work they had me wash the dishes. I found something there that is as bad as orange chicken from the deli. Deep Dish pizza pans. Those pizzas really get stuck in there. I got 3 pans washed out of 6. But the other 3 needed a soaking. The General Tso’s chicken was pretty sticky too. My bossy coworker at the deli could not pronounce the name of this food. She would call it “T-S-O”. Just you know spell out the letters. Learn how to pronounce the name of the food right. You were so good at everything else bringing your “A” game. I bet you are like a supervisor of the deli now. Kissin’ so much ass.

We got a new employee. New blood! Since she was slow at everything she bought me some time while I pounded dough and was slow. I know she is new but she was introducing herself and telling her life story. (cause it backfired at the deli) I remember back when I had dreams. Not because I was rude or wanted her to struggle, but I didn’t want to tell her the wrong things. I showed her where the extra toppings are stored.

Also they don’t get mad at me when take initiative. At the deli it was all like “don’t disrupt my stuff!”. Plus they wanted like one person to do 15 different things nobody trained them to do yet and then get mad at us that the customers were mad at us for not knowing how to do that thing.


Even More tv shows from the year 2000 —

Even More tv shows from the year 2000

Fox kids never finished airing the show in the US. They showed 10 episodes. Years later I did find a video of this show at the dollar store. I think it was a dollar?

How many years did this show run?

Twenty One
I don’t remember much about this show. Did I even watch it?

To Tell The Truth
I used to know who a lot of the contestants were from reading magazines. Hosted by John O’Hurley before he hosted Family Feud years later.

PBS Kids’ Bookworm Bunch
Featured the shows Corduroy, George Shrinks, Seven Little Monsters, Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, Elliot Moose, Seven Little Monsters, and Timothy Goes to School. I really liked Corduroy and Timothy goes to school. Especially the characters Frank and Frank. They were so doofy. And the forgetful Lily.

Jackie Chan Adventures
This was one of those shows that was always on Kids’ WB but I never watched it.

The Brothers Garcia
I think I saw this show a few times. It was ok.

Why is he bald? I know he has like cult status now. Nobody watched this when I was in high school. While all the kids who did drugs watched Teletubbies.

Guerra de los Sexos
Translated to War of the sexes (Spanish) IMDB lists this show as premiering in 2000. Reading a translated wikipeida page about the show it says this was a revived version that started in 2000. Originally premiering in 1985.

Catlin’s Way

Pizza Down the Drain — July 17, 2020

Pizza Down the Drain

My Dad wants to buy an album online. From somewhere and wants me to help. Not like that doesn’t sound like a disaster waiting to happen. He’s on his own. Why did he get mad when I bought albums when I worked at the deli, but now he wants me to buy albums?

Right before I had to get ready for work I was having proxy server problems. I wanted to fix it in case my dad got bored and wanted to use the internet.

He keeps trying to convince me to buy more albums.

If I get way too dehydrated my toes curl up. They were so curled up I was limping, but I was trying to hide it. i was asked if I could box and cut a pizza in under 2 minutes. I don’t know I did it once. I thought I was getting tested on the 3 compartment sink. That I know, that I studied for. I didn’t get tested on that or pizza slicing.

When I go pound dough I get told to do something else. Yep, inept husband strategy worked.

I bought a pizza at work. I thought the pizza was less than it was. The funny thing was I had exact change. (in coins)

My Mp3 player just died on me. I bought it in September of last year. My dad wanted to “help me fix it in the daylight” Whatever the hell that means. I was mad it died on me in less than a year and I didn’t even break it this time. It doesn’t have a reset button. I wanted to see if the computer could read it. Sometimes they are dead but the computer could read them. But I went to some website and trouble shot it and got it working again.

10 songs from 1990 Volume 6 —

10 songs from 1990 Volume 6

“Ball and Chain” by Social Distortion

“Show me Your Soul” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Policy of Truth” by Depeche Mode

“Do Me!” by Bell Biv DeVoe

“The Power of Love” by Deee-Lite

A nice dance song with a trippy music video. Performed on Saturday night live. At least she is not telling me to vote. 

“Come Back Down” by Toad the Wet Sprocket

“Crazy” by Seal

Do people remember the Alanis Morissette version more?

“Kool Thing” by Sonic Youth

This song is about LL Cool J.

“Me & Elvis” by Human Radio 

I first heard about this song in a youtube video mocking it.

Redundancy Reduction — July 16, 2020

Redundancy Reduction

Still can’t find a smaller purse I like. I saw an old Monster High doll at the store for $6. The pre-reboot ones. A Creepateria Draculaura. I really wanted it, but I already have a Draculaura doll (Dead Tired). Even if she is floppy and in bad shape. She was first Monster High Doll I ever owned. That is just redundancy and I’m trying to reduce that with my possessions when possible. Like I need more than one pair of pants or socks. But I do need 2 Draculaura dolls? I would have bought it if it was a character I didn’t have. I found a Cutie Mark Crew confetti egg for ¢75! That’s even cheaper than the dollar store. Hope is it not another fuzzy Rarity. There are no good toys in the store right now.

Watched the 30 Rock Reunion. It wasn’t that bad foe being shot in these conditions. I didn’t look like a lo-fi conference call like most tv shows look like today. It was funny when they kept saying isolation impacted “hot extroverts”. And Gwen Stefani was in it at the end and her being in it made it better.

They Can’t Hurt you Unless you let Them — July 14, 2020

They Can’t Hurt you Unless you let Them

I realized I’ve been wearing the same three or so shirts. I knew I needed to get a few more out of my closet. It’s summer so I will wear my thinner shirts.

I was back at the store I used to work at. They were selling over priced butter cookies at the store.

I was in the produce section and was really tempted to buy a large bag of cherry tomatoes for some reason. I don’t even like going near that part of the store even if it is by the entrance. I have to keep telling myself I don’t work there anymore customers can’t bother me with stupid questions and outrageous demands. Even when I see the customers harassing the workers I say to myself “Now that I don’t miss.”