Did You See It Coming? — August 31, 2020

Did You See It Coming?

I do really want to leave and have been for a while. My mom keeps telling me to be thankful I have a job, but I want more. A better schedule. I have been trying to manifest one but I broke it or something. I need to redo it. The physics on the internet keep telling me to quit my job. Of course I would not quit it without another one there. I watched a bunch of videos and they all told me to quit my job.

My parents say not to listen because if they could they would have predicted the virus.

So now I have worked there almost every day of the week at least once. I think except Wednesday. Tuesday (St. Patrick’s Day), that morning Thursday shift, Monday (today), a busy Sunday, Friday and Saturday.

One thing I like about working there is not everything is broken like at the deli. The workers are not inclined to hide and hoard the best or items that work. I would get in trouble at the deli for using broken items or not even having the item to do my job at all. Then they would think I was lazy because I had no equipment to do my job with. Here when things break we get new ones and fast.

If my calculations are correct next Monday is Labor Day. That sounds like something Tucker would say. Like when he told Otis about having a Valentines Day date with Mandy. Not calculations part. I added that. Cause you know you gotta bring in your star players to work on a holiday. Which they didn’t think I was at the deli. That really sounds like something she would say.

I thought they were going to make me stay for about 5 hours. It was like 9:20PM and they didn’t have much food left. The place closes at 10. At least they had some bread this time. He got mad that I ate a whole order of it in one sitting. I was hungry from working.

I got in trouble again from my dad about breaks. Why is he so concerned about this job? He doesn’t work there!

10 More Things from 1990 —

10 More Things from 1990

The Undertaker debuts wrestling in the WWF at Survivor Series
Had a long and storied career from deadman to biker to the unholy trinity. 

Gobbledy Gooker hatches at Survivor Series
It was supposed to be the mascot of the company. When it hatched there was no reaction. Which is the worse reaction to get in wresting. Years later WWE made some funny vignettes about Gobbledy Gooker at WWE Headquarters. There are 6 of these, but episode 4 is my favorite.

Ahiru no Pekkle
A Sanrio duck character who debut in 1990. He wants to be a singer and lives in Australia. Part of the Sanrio 5 in the mid 90s along with Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Pochacco, and another character mentioned later. All 5 of them were featured on Sanrio bags. 


Spottie Dottie
Another Sanrio character who debut in 1990. I like the first design she had.

spottie dottie 91 - Copy

Was never my favorite character so I did not collect much of her merchandise. Her redesign in the late 90s made her look more juvenile. She lives in New York City. Was not considered a popular character.

m_5c2e37ac12cd4a0d8cf00b64 - Copy


Excalibur Hotel and Casino opens in Paradise, Nevada on June 19, 1990

Universal Studios Florida opens in Orlando on June 7, 1990

Isabella Steward Gardiner Museum theft in Boston on March 18, 1990

Disney afternoon premieres on September 10, 1990
With the original broadcast lineup of The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Ducktales, Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, and the new series TaleSpin

Fox Kids’ premieres on September 8, 1990
Originally called the Fox Children’s Network which only ran on Saturday mornings at the time.

Billboard Music Awards Show starts airing annually on Fox on December 10, 1990
The show would be on Fox until 2006. I loved watching all the Christmas commercials as I watched the awards show. Usually for clothes and fragrances.

Mini Brands/Real Littles Comparison to Tiny Vintage Groceries — August 30, 2020
I Don’t Wanna Go! (whines) — August 29, 2020

I Don’t Wanna Go! (whines)

I was so sore and hungry from working late last night. My mom was mad because I didn’t wake up early to make myself breakfast.

My dad wanted to go the record today. I really didn’t wanna go I need more hobby supplies. I’m nothing without supplies.

When I was looking for a Joy Division CD I found a Knowledge one. It was $7.99, but I thought it was rare. I was just thinking about the song “Clinton Youth” yesterday when I was washing dishes. Great parody video for the song. Parodies “Inside Out”, “Ray of Light”, and “One Week”.

They had “Violator” shirts in my size too. I wanted one the last time I was there, but all they had were smaller sizes that would not fit me.

I found a KLSX compilation CD from 1987. I knew my dad would go for it. Especially since he guest DJed a show on the station. I think he secretly wanted to be a DJ. Like my grandpa was. I think he thought I was following in those footsteps by choosing my major. I just think mass media communications is interesting and well that fight I got into on a message board like 18 years ago. (warning: tv fans will chew you out! Remember that and do your research! Always, no exceptions!)

I heard “Electricity” by OMD in the store. I discovered that song a few months ago and love it.

I found the Hello Kitty Becomes a Princess DVD. I had been looking for that DVD on Amazon for a while. I tried to order it years ago but my prepaid credit card got declined. I ended up with a Strawberry Shortcake DVD instead. That is 3 Hello Kitty DVDs in a week (not counting the one that was the same as the one I already owned). And a copy of Babe.

They still had masks with bands on them. You know I didn’t want one with Dave’s picture on it. The “Violator” rose is more subtle. I’m not wearing this to work anyway. I have been wanting a novelty mask for a while. I got a button with Dave in the “Enjoy the Silence” king outfit. Then she says Dave has a great voice and is the king. Nothing wrong with Dave he’s just not my favorite. I admitted I’m a Martin fan and that they should get “Halo” buttons like from the music video. I’d buy like all the “Halo” buttons up!

I spent about $45 there.

Two of those things I had been meaning to buy. Oh well at least I don’t have to wait on shipping. I guess that is my 6 months present.

After I really wanted a pizza and I know there is a pizza place a few stores down in the same shopping center. It was lunch time anyway. That was my plan if there was nothing I wanted at the store I was still getting a pizza.

Later when I saw it. It says “Policy of Truth” on it. LOL!

20200829_142520 - Copy

When it was about 8:30 I thought about what I would be doing at work probably washing dishes or something. I thought I’d get caught up on wrestling, but I didn’t.

Still 10 More tv Shows From 1990 —

Still 10 More tv Shows From 1990


The Challengers

Cop Rock
When I first heard about this show in like 2000 I thought it was a fake show. I don’t remember it as a kid and still really sounds like an absurd concept.

The Flash
I vaguely remember this show as a kid. I think I never watched it.

Ferris Bueller
Did you know this movie had a tv series? Jennifer Aniston was in this show. It was cancelled and replaced by Blossom. Parker Lewis Can’t Lose was a better show anyway.

Going Places

Get a Life
I liked this show as a kid. I remember my family in LA used to tell my aunt to watch the show, but she said they didn’t have a Fox affiliate in the city she lived in. I’m this guy now. “Alley Cat” emergency kit.

Guys Next Door


Law & Order
This show has been on for like a million years. Ok maybe like 20. Don’t forget all the spinoffs. Law & Order jaywalking. Law & Order mall cops.

Being Jealous of the Internet and Trying to buy Old Bread — August 28, 2020

Being Jealous of the Internet and Trying to buy Old Bread

I think my dad is jealous of the internet. Let me explain because I listen to it more than him. Most of the advice he has given me over the years including before the internet has been really bad. Like telling me to buy really tight fitting shoes. Now I buy the loosest shoes I can find in my size or go a size up. It’s why I wear a ladies 9 instead of trying to stuff my foot in an 8.

I didn’t get that job. Oh well I’m still skeptical of any place that says working there is “fun”.

I thought since I made it to 6 months almost. It will be on Monday. I should get myself a present that I made it this far. What should I get? Hobby items? A Depeche Mode CD? Something else?

I worked for almost 5 hours and I was so hungry! When I went to buy something my coworker shows me the bread it looks terrible. I was disappointed and hungry. The only other thing they had was a pepperoni pizza. I hate pepperoni!

My dad was mad I don’t bring food to work. 🤷

My stomach is still growling as I write this.

10 Songs from the Year 2000 Volume 16 —

10 Songs from the Year 2000 Volume 16

“Hit or Miss” by New Found Glory

This song has 2 versions and 2 music videos. I prefer the latter version which is the one on their official channel. Their first video is a Cops parody with Corey Fedlman.

“Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” by Nine Days

This is the embodiment of early 2000s power pop. Love the video with the over flowing tub.

“Money to Burn” by Richard Ashcroft

“Generator” by Foo Fighters

“Rollin'” by Limp Bizkit

I love the Mad TV parody “Posin'”. I remember somebody dressed like one of the dancers from the music video for Halloween at school.

“Voices” by Disturbed

“Porcelain” by Moby

For some reason I have seen the European version with the car. Way back in 2000.

“Penguins & Polarbears” by Millencolin

I like this song and video but not as much as “Fox”.

“Wasting my Life” by The Hippos

I first heard the Hippos on a ska compilation album with their song “When Will I Learn”. They used to be ska. This song is not ska maybe New Wave or Synth pop or something. Love the video though with the amoeba lady. Frequently played on Are-oh-vee. The cover of their “Heads are Gonna Roll” album is similar to The Animals’ self titled album. Amoebas!

“Sleepwalker” by The Wallflowers

I vaguely remember this music video. I remember there being lots of pictures and posters in it.

The Never Ending Car Ride of Pain — August 27, 2020

The Never Ending Car Ride of Pain

I liked the title sounded like a song lyric. The idea is that the virus and lock down will never end. And the people who are waiting for a concrete date are like children in the back of a car asking “Are we there yet!?”. I was for a while until I gave up somewhere in late April/early May. I tell myself it’s infinite and I’m on the never ending car ride of pain.

Why does it seem like the “upbeat” and “positive” people are more bothered by this? More than others? Is there something I’m missing here? If you know please tell me.

Say It Don’t Spray It (Perfume) — August 26, 2020

Say It Don’t Spray It (Perfume)

I had a job interview today.

I wanted to wear some body spray. The sprayer got suck the spring in the pump doesn’t work properly. So I kept spraying it again and again by accident. By the time I left the house I reeked of green apples.

The interview was so/so. The place was hard to find. Not the actual building. It was in one of those suite places. They should have had somebody from the company or a sign that said something like “Happy Hamburgers interviews in rooms 211 and 212”. The receptionist was gone. So some guy decided to call the office to find the room. After 10 minutes I just would have said “Fuck it!” and left. I’ve been so many bad job interviews I never expect them to properly conducted in any way.

The guy interviewing me kept telling me it was a “fun” job. See I don’t trust that. Don’t use the word “fun” when describing a fast food job. Seriously I don’t know what they were looking for. When I asked about the scheduling for the last location I interviewed for That was 23 hours availability. From 6am-4am. He said they were probably looking for closers. That location is always hiring for closers. I guess they are doing block schedules to prevent infection so they can quarantine people who worked in a block. He seemed more interested in my availability. Than all those dumb questions like “What motivates you?” or “If you were a tree what tree would you be?” (never asked the tree question at either interview) The location is by where I used to live 12 years ago. Near my old junior high that my cousin attends now. That is kinda far away from me. I’m not sure if I want it. I don’t think I’m their kind of material.

Then when I left I took some candy from the lobby they were wrapped Hersey’s Nuggets. They were so good and had little toffee bits in them. I took it even if the candy was “contaminated”.

I watched the Conan DVD. I liked the part when he talked about how he got the idea for his tour. Good art work comes from anger and pain. Especially comedy. Many people say it doesn’t, and to be more well adjusted. I still don’t believe that. Watching it gave me an idea for something I’m writing. He comes off as kinda needy always needing to talk to people. I think if I would famous I’d still be really reserved. IDK maybe a little meaner. Still not bad for a dollar. The only problem is the sound fluctuates too much. Sometimes they speak too softly and sometimes it’s really loud.

Christmas in August — August 25, 2020

Christmas in August

I was going to do it in July, but she didn’t give me enough notice. So we moved it to August. Doing Christmas stuff like opening presents, eating ham and watching Christmas cartoons.

20200825_081325 - Copy

Here are some of the presents I wrapped for myself.

I bought myself some toys over the past month.


Some LPS blind boxes. I forgot to take a picture of them wrapped up. What generation are these? G5? I got the ant?


and the kitty.


They are so tiny! I only have 3 in total including a frog I got in 2015. Which I don’t have the pictures of in the blog because of problems with photobucket. I should re-upload them.

20200825_123210 - Copy

I got these two at a dollar store for $4 each pony. But they are good and sturdy. Stand up well. These are my first G4 combables. The only problem I have with them is the extra plastic on them, but I can easily shave it off myself. I have a Happy Meal version of Miss Pommel. But again the post was wrecked by photobucket.

I was disappointed I got a double of the chaser figure. Then my dad wanted to see it as always and dropped it on the floor. Maybe I can sell or trade for it.

Went to the dollar store and found a great DVD, but I will mention it later. The only retro cartoon they had was a Wish Kid DVD. Remember that show? 

I was looking for my Barbies in my storage space and my costume supplies, but can’t find them. I did find something very good. but I’ll save that for a later blog.

My dad had to rush me to the bank to “turn in an important form”. When I get there they tell me they don’t need it and it’s for my job. They have their own internal forms they use. So I go and make another deposit to my account. The teller asks if I know about a fire at another location. I just give her a blank stare. I don’t know all the inner workings and gossips between the locations. Then he was looking for a place to buy his sister a birthday card. He asks me where to go. Like I know an area we never really go to or live in. Then we find a Dollar Tree. He told me he would buy me something in the store. I went to the DVD section. Most of them were in Spanish. Then I see Hello Kitty and the cover is in English. My Dad walks by and I hold it up. I notice it’s her 1987 Furry Tales Theater Saturday Morning cartoon. I didn’t notice until later it’s 3 DVDs! And way cheaper than anything I’d find on Amazon. I already have one, but the other 2 I don’t have.

Hello Kitty and Conan O’Brien what a combo! Sounds like something from that NBC Satellite sketch from his show. Hello Conan?

20200825_202520 - Copy

I compared this DVD to an older one I got back in like 2007.

20200825_202414 - Copy

Then we watched some Christmas cartoons. Arthur and Garfield.

Later we had a summer style Christmas dinner. No baking cookies today. It was way too hot.

So this same restaurant is hiring again at a new location. It feels like long ago. I guess it was since it was almost a year ago. But I’m still not available to work until 4am or come in at 6am. Now I have eaten there and their food wasn’t all that special. We’ll see what happens.