My dad is still mad that I don’t ask for more hours. Still he does not work there! They really don’t like me there. It’s why I get so little hours. My mom says that it was not my fault if nobody called me way back then. How was I supposed to know?

I had this weird and funny dream about Mister Ed.

That blog about school counselors was not supposed to be posted I try to save drafts and sometimes they accidentally post.

At work they had me on pizza toppings with the new girl then got mad at us because we were slow. Hello?! Why put both of us on there? My two supervisors were just talking and giggling. They were just goofing off when we needed more pizza! There were a bunch of orders. Then I had to wash dishes for a long time until I went home. I accidentally called home and my mom got distraught. My finger slipped on my phone menu.

I need my voice back not my dad asserting himself in everything I do. He found out about the Mini Brands and got mad about it. Even though I bought those with my own money!