Today is the Lion’s Gate portal where good luck and stuff is supposed to happen. Nothing really did that I noticed.

My dad was really distracted by trading card day.

At work I spent most of the shift washing dishes. I think a lot of them don’t know how a 3 compartment sink works. I got a strange request from coworker he wanted me to put 2 stuck pizza pans in hot water to get them unstuck. I think putting them in the oven would have done a better job. I was busy washing trays. There was no room for them anyway.

Then a big order came for a lot of pizzas. It really confused the new girl. I think they don’t like me working with her alone because I’m not that good at my job. 

I hate when I do that.

I managed to make 3 batches of sauce and not mess it up. So I was happy about that. 🍕🍅😉 Too bad it went everywhere. It really makes a mess on my clothes and in the place.