I have not slept well in a week. All the heat and humidity has gotten to me. How are there people out there who genuinely enjoy this weather? Either that or they are lying.

Watched the Summerslam’s Hottest Moments on Fox. Why do all the matches have to be from the past 8 or so years? Plus some of these were the same ones featured on the TLC (Tables, ladder and chairs) special a few months ago. Fell asleep watching it. So I will have to watch it tomorrow at 9AM. They should really do one for Survivor Series. Who was in that egg? 🤷🦃

I was feeling tired at work and it was so stuffy in the building. I know I keep complaining about the sink. They don’t even know how to set it up right. This guy washed all these trays with hot water, never bothered to sanitize them. There was just a big pile of them in an empty sink. I thought maybe the guy drained them. When I asked the guy if he sanitized them he said no and to just run some over them. I was not going to try and maneuver a whole big pile of trays to sanitize them.  He was the one who staked them up like that. Then another guy comes and takes the trays. I say you know those aren’t sanitized And the guy just took them. Think of the pathogens. Well if we get closed by the board of heath for this I would not be surprised and not for something virus related.

I don’t wear gloves to wash the dishes unless they make me. They just get in your way unless you have a cut on your hands. I learned that at the deli. It was funny when the night manager forgot the name of the new girl.

When I tell things to the new girl I can see the fear in her eyes. And I feel bad for her; just a little. I have no idea if what I say is confusing or she really has no idea what is going on around her. (Don’t show anybody the fear in your eyes or they will eat you alive customers or coworkers. I learned that at the deli.)

Then when I wanted to buy something to eat after work. I gave them incorrect change again. Every time I want to buy something I don’t have the correct change in coins. After I thought about it I’m so stupid I just should have used the debit card.