I was going to do it in July, but she didn’t give me enough notice. So we moved it to August. Doing Christmas stuff like opening presents, eating ham and watching Christmas cartoons.

20200825_081325 - Copy

Here are some of the presents I wrapped for myself.

I bought myself some toys over the past month.


Some LPS blind boxes. I forgot to take a picture of them wrapped up. What generation are these? G5? I got the ant?


and the kitty.


They are so tiny! I only have 3 in total including a frog I got in 2015. Which I don’t have the pictures of in the blog because of problems with photobucket. I should re-upload them.

20200825_123210 - Copy

I got these two at a dollar store for $4 each pony. But they are good and sturdy. Stand up well. These are my first G4 combables. The only problem I have with them is the extra plastic on them, but I can easily shave it off myself. I have a Happy Meal version of Miss Pommel. But again the post was wrecked by photobucket.

I was disappointed I got a double of the chaser figure. Then my dad wanted to see it as always and dropped it on the floor. Maybe I can sell or trade for it.

Went to the dollar store and found a great DVD, but I will mention it later. The only retro cartoon they had was a Wish Kid DVD. Remember that show? 

I was looking for my Barbies in my storage space and my costume supplies, but can’t find them. I did find something very good. but I’ll save that for a later blog.

My dad had to rush me to the bank to “turn in an important form”. When I get there they tell me they don’t need it and it’s for my job. They have their own internal forms they use. So I go and make another deposit to my account. The teller asks if I know about a fire at another location. I just give her a blank stare. I don’t know all the inner workings and gossips between the locations. Then he was looking for a place to buy his sister a birthday card. He asks me where to go. Like I know an area we never really go to or live in. Then we find a Dollar Tree. He told me he would buy me something in the store. I went to the DVD section. Most of them were in Spanish. Then I see Hello Kitty and the cover is in English. My Dad walks by and I hold it up. I notice it’s her 1987 Furry Tales Theater Saturday Morning cartoon. I didn’t notice until later it’s 3 DVDs! And way cheaper than anything I’d find on Amazon. I already have one, but the other 2 I don’t have.

Hello Kitty and Conan O’Brien what a combo! Sounds like something from that NBC Satellite sketch from his show. Hello Conan?

20200825_202520 - Copy

I compared this DVD to an older one I got back in like 2007.

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Then we watched some Christmas cartoons. Arthur and Garfield.

Later we had a summer style Christmas dinner. No baking cookies today. It was way too hot.

So this same restaurant is hiring again at a new location. It feels like long ago. I guess it was since it was almost a year ago. But I’m still not available to work until 4am or come in at 6am. Now I have eaten there and their food wasn’t all that special. We’ll see what happens.