I had a job interview today.

I wanted to wear some body spray. The sprayer got suck the spring in the pump doesn’t work properly. So I kept spraying it again and again by accident. By the time I left the house I reeked of green apples.

The interview was so/so. The place was hard to find. Not the actual building. It was in one of those suite places. They should have had somebody from the company or a sign that said something like “Happy Hamburgers interviews in rooms 211 and 212”. The receptionist was gone. So some guy decided to call the office to find the room. After 10 minutes I just would have said “Fuck it!” and left. I’ve been so many bad job interviews I never expect them to properly conducted in any way.

The guy interviewing me kept telling me it was a “fun” job. See I don’t trust that. Don’t use the word “fun” when describing a fast food job. Seriously I don’t know what they were looking for. When I asked about the scheduling for the last location I interviewed for That was 23 hours availability. From 6am-4am. He said they were probably looking for closers. That location is always hiring for closers. I guess they are doing block schedules to prevent infection so they can quarantine people who worked in a block. He seemed more interested in my availability. Than all those dumb questions like “What motivates you?” or “If you were a tree what tree would you be?” (never asked the tree question at either interview) The location is by where I used to live 12 years ago. Near my old junior high that my cousin attends now. That is kinda far away from me. I’m not sure if I want it. I don’t think I’m their kind of material.

Then when I left I took some candy from the lobby they were wrapped Hersey’s Nuggets. They were so good and had little toffee bits in them. I took it even if the candy was “contaminated”.

I watched the Conan DVD. I liked the part when he talked about how he got the idea for his tour. Good art work comes from anger and pain. Especially comedy. Many people say it doesn’t, and to be more well adjusted. I still don’t believe that. Watching it gave me an idea for something I’m writing. He comes off as kinda needy always needing to talk to people. I think if I would famous I’d still be really reserved. IDK maybe a little meaner. Still not bad for a dollar. The only problem is the sound fluctuates too much. Sometimes they speak too softly and sometimes it’s really loud.