I think my dad is jealous of the internet. Let me explain because I listen to it more than him. Most of the advice he has given me over the years including before the internet has been really bad. Like telling me to buy really tight fitting shoes. Now I buy the loosest shoes I can find in my size or go a size up. It’s why I wear a ladies 9 instead of trying to stuff my foot in an 8.

I didn’t get that job. Oh well I’m still skeptical of any place that says working there is “fun”.

I thought since I made it to 6 months almost. It will be on Monday. I should get myself a present that I made it this far. What should I get? Hobby items? A Depeche Mode CD? Something else?

I worked for almost 5 hours and I was so hungry! When I went to buy something my coworker shows me the bread it looks terrible. I was disappointed and hungry. The only other thing they had was a pepperoni pizza. I hate pepperoni!

My dad was mad I don’t bring food to work. 🤷

My stomach is still growling as I write this.