The Challengers

Cop Rock
When I first heard about this show in like 2000 I thought it was a fake show. I don’t remember it as a kid and still really sounds like an absurd concept.

The Flash
I vaguely remember this show as a kid. I think I never watched it.

Ferris Bueller
Did you know this movie had a tv series? Jennifer Aniston was in this show. It was cancelled and replaced by Blossom. Parker Lewis Can’t Lose was a better show anyway.

Going Places

Get a Life
I liked this show as a kid. I remember my family in LA used to tell my aunt to watch the show, but she said they didn’t have a Fox affiliate in the city she lived in. I’m this guy now. “Alley Cat” emergency kit.

Guys Next Door


Law & Order
This show has been on for like a million years. Ok maybe like 20. Don’t forget all the spinoffs. Law & Order jaywalking. Law & Order mall cops.