I do really want to leave and have been for a while. My mom keeps telling me to be thankful I have a job, but I want more. A better schedule. I have been trying to manifest one but I broke it or something. I need to redo it. The physics on the internet keep telling me to quit my job. Of course I would not quit it without another one there. I watched a bunch of videos and they all told me to quit my job.

My parents say not to listen because if they could they would have predicted the virus.

So now I have worked there almost every day of the week at least once. I think except Wednesday. Tuesday (St. Patrick’s Day), that morning Thursday shift, Monday (today), a busy Sunday, Friday and Saturday.

One thing I like about working there is not everything is broken like at the deli. The workers are not inclined to hide and hoard the best or items that work. I would get in trouble at the deli for using broken items or not even having the item to do my job at all. Then they would think I was lazy because I had no equipment to do my job with. Here when things break we get new ones and fast.

If my calculations are correct next Monday is Labor Day. That sounds like something Tucker would say. Like when he told Otis about having a Valentines Day date with Mandy. Not calculations part. I added that. Cause you know you gotta bring in your star players to work on a holiday. Which they didn’t think I was at the deli. That really sounds like something she would say.

I thought they were going to make me stay for about 5 hours. It was like 9:20PM and they didn’t have much food left. The place closes at 10. At least they had some bread this time. He got mad that I ate a whole order of it in one sitting. I was hungry from working.

I got in trouble again from my dad about breaks. Why is he so concerned about this job? He doesn’t work there!