You Don’t Have Class — August 24, 2020

You Don’t Have Class

My high school was notorious for 2 things. Number one; messing up stuff and not telling people about it. Number two; selling over priced things.

I would say 3 out of the 4 years of high school I ended up in classes I did not sign up for.

I thought I mentioned that before. He was like why don’t you want French? He would never let me change my classes. Like ever. If it was too hard or I didn’t like it or messed with my schedule it was always a “no”. I had to beg and plead with that guy to change it. 

When I wanted to change my US history class he told me I was doing poorly because I didn’t study correctly. But everybody was doing poorly in that class. Why did they always defend that teacher? Was he really that great? It was always my problem. I think that’s why I ended up staying in math for so long. I knew he would not change it and my father would be mad at me for not trying hard enough.

Sophomore year was my hardest working year. I don’t care what anybody says. It’s the only year I had in high school with one elective. Junior year was hard, but not as hard. Plus you got more perks and more electives. You got 2 that year/grade. And no more P.E. unless you wanted it as an elective or you failed it in a previous grade. When I got my schedule at first it seemingly looked good. I saw all the classes I signed up for.

That is the one thing I like about college some stupid counselor is not trying to get you to take psychics because they think it would be a class you like or help you to get into college. Or you got put in a class because they felt like it. The counselors there were just as bad, but they could not sign you up for something you didn’t want that was on you or not. If you didn’t want to take watercolor painting or basic Japanese you didn’t have to. Unless the class is unavoidable and you need it for your major.

My counselor did not care about me anyway all he cared about was trouble makers. And every year the number of counselors got smaller and the number of students they had to deal with bigger. First there were 4 then there were 3 by my senior year there 1 and a half counselors. When there was thing thing seniors needed a counselor to sign. One of the counselors (not mine) went on a trip to Yosemite with a school club. He was not the leader of the club. Why did he decide to go to Yosemite with a school club? After the club came back from their trip they brought back a video of their trip for my English class to watch. When ever that counselor would appear on screen. Everybody yelled at the video “Why did you leave? You suck!”.

Why didn’t the school just bother to tell the students the computer broke or something? Some people like my friend had no 5th period. Nothing not even a wrong class. I ended up in the wrong art class. More on that later. I got my 4th, 5th and 6th period classes changed.

Cool Quirky and Creative — August 23, 2020

Cool Quirky and Creative

After I thought about it my mom pointed out that the people there are washing dishes like they would at home. But in a restaurant setting they should not be.

Streamed the WWE Best of Summerslam special. But it was better than the one on Fox and ran for 3 hours. More older matches in this one.


I just want people around me to know I’m so creative. By what I do and how I dress. I have a hard time communicating this outwardly.

You know what I don’t do enough? Write blogs bragging about how great I am. I’m so cool quirky and creative!  I’m a great artist too.

Correct Change — August 22, 2020

Correct Change

I have not slept well in a week. All the heat and humidity has gotten to me. How are there people out there who genuinely enjoy this weather? Either that or they are lying.

Watched the Summerslam’s Hottest Moments on Fox. Why do all the matches have to be from the past 8 or so years? Plus some of these were the same ones featured on the TLC (Tables, ladder and chairs) special a few months ago. Fell asleep watching it. So I will have to watch it tomorrow at 9AM. They should really do one for Survivor Series. Who was in that egg? 🤷🦃

I was feeling tired at work and it was so stuffy in the building. I know I keep complaining about the sink. They don’t even know how to set it up right. This guy washed all these trays with hot water, never bothered to sanitize them. There was just a big pile of them in an empty sink. I thought maybe the guy drained them. When I asked the guy if he sanitized them he said no and to just run some over them. I was not going to try and maneuver a whole big pile of trays to sanitize them.  He was the one who staked them up like that. Then another guy comes and takes the trays. I say you know those aren’t sanitized And the guy just took them. Think of the pathogens. Well if we get closed by the board of heath for this I would not be surprised and not for something virus related.

I don’t wear gloves to wash the dishes unless they make me. They just get in your way unless you have a cut on your hands. I learned that at the deli. It was funny when the night manager forgot the name of the new girl.

When I tell things to the new girl I can see the fear in her eyes. And I feel bad for her; just a little. I have no idea if what I say is confusing or she really has no idea what is going on around her. (Don’t show anybody the fear in your eyes or they will eat you alive customers or coworkers. I learned that at the deli.)

Then when I wanted to buy something to eat after work. I gave them incorrect change again. Every time I want to buy something I don’t have the correct change in coins. After I thought about it I’m so stupid I just should have used the debit card.

10 Barbies From the Year 2000 (toys) Volume 1 —

10 Barbies From the Year 2000 (toys) Volume 1

This is like my 1990 Barbie list and with this one some of the copyright dates are a little iffy.

Wizard of Oz Barbie
A bunch of different companies had the license to make dolls from this movie; Mego then Multi Toys Corp then Mattel.

Jewel Girl Barbie
The rubbery waist is weird. I got one of these 2nd hand from my cousin. A Teresa doll. I had planned turning it into a custom Darcy doll from the Winx Club but never did.

Secret Message Barbie
I thought the concept of this doll was cute with the little locker they came with sort of like those were like a predecessor to Hasbro’s Secret Central dolls.

Barbie Radio House
I liked Barbie houses that folded up and stuff. Although I never had a Barbie house ever.

Barbie Ferrari F355 GTS RC car

Fashion Party Teen Skipper

Holiday Surprise Barbie

Barbie for President 2000

Flower Power Barbie
These dolls had weird outfits.

Rain or Sun Barbie
An interesting concept for a doll.

The Rookie Patrol — August 21, 2020

The Rookie Patrol

I got rescheduled to Monday on the 31st instead of working Saturday. I have blogs already scheduled for that week so I’ll keep them. I’ll just add one for Monday. It’s not like I’m lacking material. I was posting the 20 and 30 year perspective blogs on Saturdays anyway. It will be my first Saturday off since the temporary closure of the place due to the virus. Which I was scheduled to work on. That is I think my 6 month mark there. Plus Mondays is a slow day.

I was stuck with a bunch of rookies who don’t know anything. Ok I know I’m not that good but these people know nothing. This one guy I’ve had to explain to him how to use the sink twice! I imagine the night manager sees me as a tad more competent than they are. Why were there so many new people on a shift? What is this the deli?

Before I went to work I watched a psychic reading video that said about working for nothing and not getting recognition. Then after I saw I got and extra hour on the schedule. 6 months =6 hours? The new hires still get more hours than me like 10-12 a week. All I want is 8 hours or more.  

10 Cereals from 1990 (food) —

10 Cereals from 1990 (food)

The Jetson’s cereal

Kellogg’s Kenmei Rice Bran

Raisin Oat Bran general mills

Tiny Toons Cereal
I begged my parents to get me this cereal. It wasn’t that good.

Dino Pebbles

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Cereal

Breakfast on the run

Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears cereal

Frosted Rice Chex Juniors

Honey Bunches of oats with Almonds
I think I didn’t eat this until I was a teenager. I didn’t like almonds as a kid. Not even in candy.

You Can’t Mourn What You Never Had — August 20, 2020

You Can’t Mourn What You Never Had

I bet some philosopher somewhere has already said a quote very similar to this.

I watched old WWF wrestling before I went to bed. I had a dream about the Million Dollar Man. I have to rewatch Summerslam 2012. When my cousins threw my aunt a wrestling party. They were going to take her to the show, but bought it instead. She died in October of that year.

I needed some new body wax. My old stuff was not sticky anymore and very old. I bought it during the Bush administration; Dubbya Bush. That store was also picked clean in the toy section. They had a few shopkins, but I didn’t buy anything. I was low on cash.

People are lamenting about missing traveling around the world for their summer vacation. I never had the means to do that so I can’t miss it. Then I thought about what I titled the blog as. “You Can’t Mourn What You Never Had”. I liked it. It sounded deep and profound like a song lyric or something.

I really miss salad bars and I think they are never coming back. To combat this I have been making “SB Salads” which are just bagged salads I put a lot of stuff on to pretend I’m at a salad bar. It’s good but not the same. I miss the smell of the stale water and rotting vegetables. Many people with logical minds just say “go watch that old movie and it will be like the 90s.” It’s still just not the same. Nostalgia is a feeling not just wearing old style clothes or popping in a DVD of an old movie or something.

Bank Accounts and Fictional Birthdays — August 18, 2020

Bank Accounts and Fictional Birthdays

I wish I was lucky like those people who get to pursue their dreams. And didn’t waste time in pointless college classes. I don’t care about pizza. It’s not my life or passion. And I’m not taking this job seriously like the deli. To me all it does it buy hobby items and pay the bills.

The other problem I have is that there are no jobs. Like none in my area. The only ones left are for food delivery apps. So I guess I’m stuck there.

Today is Stella from the Winx Club’s birthday. And there were some people online saying some pretty bad things about the show. I love this franchise very much and do not want to give it up.

At the store when I went to get a juice all the other juices fell out from one of those tension holder things that holds the individual juice. I must have dropped 4 bottles. Luckily they were plastic.

When I went to the bank It was a lot better than last time. They were trying to block everything off with potted plants. You know for distance. The lady at this other bank didn’t read my ID backwards, and answered all my questions. She knew what she was talking about. She asked why I didn’t go to a branch closer to me. I have been trying to contact that branch for a week. All I ever get is a recording when I call. She said that location never answers their phones. They asked a lot of questions like where I work the address, phone number of the place and how much I make in a year. Why do they need to know this? The lady was mad that I could not download the bank’s app in my phone. My phone is bloated and can’t download anymore apps. My dad was the one who wanted to “accelerate” the process by having me go to my job and asking for direct deposit forms. I told him that was a dumb idea. Like I was going to deposit the wrong amount or get the wrong kind of account. All I need it just one misstep and it all gets blown out of proportion.


Wash Me — August 16, 2020

Wash Me

Couldn’t sleep well I was listening to Jack FM. First they played “Today” Smashing Pumpkins and then “Blasphemous Rumours” by Depeche Mode strange song choice. Songs that are suicide themed?

I was so tired from working all night and the heat that my mom washed my work pants. I forgot that I left some earbuds in the pocket. They got washed and I was so upset. I thought they broke. I tested them and they worked! They were in a pouch older thing. So that was good news.

Then I ate a rib sandwich for dinner and the world was good. Find your happiness.

I Worked at the Deli This Doesn’t Scare Me — August 15, 2020

I Worked at the Deli This Doesn’t Scare Me

I need to thin out my eyebrows. Once my dad finds out he will give me the same old blanket statement “Be Yourself!” It’s not, not being myself I really hate my eyebrows. They look like 2 caterpillars that took residence on my face. I still don’t know what that means, and he can’t explain it. I think it really means “be yourself, but confine into the box I put you in”

A restaurant I applied to 8 years ago is hiring. that place is always hiring. They have terrible yelp reviews. The last interview was problematic. I remember the last time I applied there. When you write the name of that restaurant chain and math test a quizlet comes up on google. If I do go to an interview there I’ll have to study hard. Math and menu items. Now I collectively have 8 months experience. (Realized they are holding the interviews on the hottest day of the week of this heat wave)

I realized I have not bought any secret hobby items not including some discontinued item that I had to get. I need to buy some more items now!

At work it was ok at first, but then it got really busy around 8pm. I was fielding angry calls. I keep finding random utensils usually thrown in the sanitizer solution. Why do they not know how the 3 compartment sink works? Well at least random dishes are not strewn about at the hand washing stations.

There’s this one coworker I have; I never really talked about her before. She is the night manager the first time I met her was when another store in the area was closed and I had to work a 5 hour shift. She is a very serious person. Not as bad as my annoying coworker from the deli who was gonna run it herself. I think she thinks I’m a Cloudcuckoolander, but I see it more as Obfuscating Stupidity. She does catch me watching dishes with my eyes unfocused. It’s just cause I’m bored and daydreaming or planning blogs or something. Or the time I accidentally said “goodbye” to her when she came to start her shift. I was really focused on topping that pizza. There were a lot of orders. Sometimes I inadvertently see her on her phone. Not that I’m spying on her. She tries to sneak use it in the fridge and I go in and out of there to get and put items in. Then she said “Do you like Starbucks?” Which was a really strange question she doesn’t really chat with me. She said if I could wash all those dishes she would buy me a drink. Then I say randomly “I like tea!” I almost made it. There were a lot of deep dish pizza pans that had caked on stuff. Didn’t win the drink. 😞 I told her I totally get it. I worked in the deli when you were lucky to have another person close it with you. But she didn’t wanna hear it. Eh? 🤷

I worked 5 hours that night.

Oh well it was a deli flash back again. But at least there were more people.