Trapped in the Walk-in (fridge) — September 28, 2020

Trapped in the Walk-in (fridge)

I know the dynamic between and the night manager it’s like Greg and Chief. The stern one and the goofy one.

I hardly got any sleep maintenance came to fix some stuff. My parents kept bothering me. Just telling me nonsense. The whole day was just chaotic.

The good thing was that the purse I ordered off amazon came. It seems pretty cheap in quality but I paid like $16 for it before shipping and taxes. If it lasts me a year I’ll be happy. It came quickly since it was shipped from Upland California. Amazon said it would be here by October 1st at the earliest. Now I can change purses. My dad told me I could not take a bag to work until I bought a new purse. So many stipulations. The reason I did buy one is because all the stores I went to had nothing I liked. All the cute purses were really tiny. How are people supposed to know I’m quirky and creative if I have a boring looking purse.

Later when I was getting ready to leave for work the shirt I ordered for work came.

At work there was this lady trying to buy a pizza with a shirt mask I always see people do that on tv on the news when they want to be in a testimonial or in a group shot.

Then I went to the fridge to put my water and Paw Patrol drinkable yogurts inside. After I did I could not get out. I was pounding on the door. I thought maybe I could call the place and say I was trapped in there, but I got no reception in the fridge. Then I decided to calm down and just relax in there. It’s nice and cool in there and eventually somebody is going to need an item in there. Another cowroker heard me yelling inside.

The new dumb guy said he is a senior in high school. My coworker (the one who found me in the fridge) says she was going to college but took the semester off at Cal Poly. Then he asked what Cal Poly Pomona is. Huh? Really? My high school drilled into your brain all the local colleges state (UC and CDU), private, and community, and some trade schools. Maybe cause that was the olden days. Back in the early 2000s.

He asked me a question about a technique on how to make a thin crust pizza. Not trying to trick him or anything. I really have no clue nobody has told me I make them wrong except when I don’t align the pans with the crust just right. Which hard when I’m in a rush. They literally threw me into the water. They are spending a lot of time training the guy. I’m supposed to go with the flow this week.

Later the manager came to tell us about how to open the fridge door now and that she got stuck in there too. She thought it was funny when I said I tried to call the place and say I was stuck in there. Hey it was worth a try coming from somebody who watched a lot of tv shows where characters got stuck in working fridges. Who says you can’t learn anything from watching tv?

I washed dishes for hours. My fingers got so wrinkly. From dough trays to deep dish pans. It was slow today so I only worked for 4 hours. I noticed my scar is healed it’s still a little pink and shiny. It’s not that noticeable.

Back on 3 days for next week too.

I got my pay stub today. I did it so my dad can stop bugging me about it for this pay period and say I got “scammed” by my job. Like he says everybody else is out to get me. Then he wonders why I’m so paranoid about everything. You always telling me I’m going to get scammed isn’t helping.

Still 10 More Movies from 1990 —
You Better Hide! — September 26, 2020

You Better Hide!

I don’t understand why they coddle the new dumb guy so much. Is he somebody’s relative or something? Something doesn’t smell right here. Maybe it is like The Office where Micheal hired his nephew and he really sucked at the job. The guy has a doofy voice too.

Then we got a phone order and there was no paper to write it on. I started writing an order on a paper cup. Improvise? 🤷

Somebody yelled they needed help in the front and that new guy vanished. LOL! He is so deli material. (If you are wondering I didn’t help I was topping a pizza.)

That short guy needed a container and I had to get it for him because he is so short.

Then they needed help there in the front again. Nobody was there and I was trying as hard as I can. I was bad at taking the pizzas out and slicing them. I’ve only done it once and twice. Then the short guy got mad. Whateves. Meh. Then you should have gotten there first. You are better at that than me. 

Maybe I need to suddenly get stupid?

With my luck that dumb guy be manager in a month or 2.

I had to stay longer because somebody didn’t show up. It was ok, but I was so hungry.

The item I wanted customized couldn’t be anymore. Not even sauce portions. Too bad you could not help dead relatives. But I ordered it again an scraped off the excess sauce.

Ate some pizza and watched the end of the Stanley Cup Finals. I can’t watch the Tampa Bay Lighting without thinking about that Goth Talk skit from SNL.

10 Barbies from the year 2000 (toys) volume 2 —

10 Barbies from the year 2000 (toys) volume 2

Princess Bride Barbie
The commercials is so late 90s/early 2000s with the pop style song they used. This doll has a lenticular mirror like the Beauty and the Beast Belle Mattel doll had.

Hip To Be Square Barbie
These dolls have a cute 60s mod look.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Barbie 2000
The “Once in a Lifetime” collection. Not sure what that means. Some of the Barbies were of iconic Barbies like Solo in the Spotlight and Malibu Barbie. According to this ebay listing there were 2 Barbie sets in 2000. In January and October. Here are the Barbies from this set: Millennium Princess, 1959 #1 Barbie, Solo in the Spotlight, Hollywood Nails, Malibu, Super Gymnast, Totally Hair, Sit in Style, Working Woman, Chic.
I’ll put the link to their store. I remember somebody used the #1 Barbie for their Scarlet Letter project for the part in the book when she is going to be hanged. It was funny to see a McDonald’s Barbie in a noose.

Cool Skating Barbie
I thought the that the doll could really skate was a neat feature.

Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle
Had a working trunk.

Swimming champion Barbie
The gimmick with this doll was that it really swam.

My Size Butterfly Barbie

Magical Mermaid Barbie and Krissy

Barbie Studio: Bead and Sparkle Nail Salon
(not a doll but sold under the Barbie branding)

Barbie Starlight Unicorn Horse
A light up unicorn that made sounds.

Oil Spill! — September 25, 2020

Oil Spill!

I know who the night manager kinda reminds me of. One of those ASMRists I watch on youtube. She has a nice soft voice that would be great for those videos.

The one good thing about where I work is that I have not had a coworker meltdown in the approximately 7 months I’ve been there. And if there was one to happen what would they do about it? Ignore it like at the deli. She was throwing things in anger.

When I asked my patents they said that probably would not happen where I work now because they don’t want to deal with a employee having a meltdown throwing things, crying, and having other employees hide and protect them.

I thought maybe if I write a more explicit pizza order I can get what I want. It’s worth a try for tomorrow.

I spilled a bunch of oil at work. All that hard work they put into cleaning that wall. I tried hard to mop it up and clean the wall as best I could.

That silly manager was throwing pepperoni at somebody. Not sure who. Just happy it was not me. He didn’t know I saw him at first because I was walking back from another area. I asked if he was the one who said about getting drunk on the 4th of July. He asked what I like I said rum. He asked me if I like Rum-chatta. Not even sure what that is. I was talking about when I would buy Japanese sodas in the aluminum bottles and drink them in the mall and people thought I had beer.

That dumb new guy washed dishes again and he just threw everything everywhere. Not to be petty or complain, but he is really not learning. It looked like somebody was on the game show Finders Keepers who were searching for a clue “in the pizza restaurant sink”. Then I have to wash them after him and fix all that he has done. He’s annoying you know where he would thrive at? The deli.


Back With 10 More TV Shows from the Year 2000 —

Back With 10 More TV Shows from the Year 2000

A lawyer who runs a bowling alley? I really liked this show. I remember one episode about frying a turkey and starting a fire.

I remembered there was a 1980s movie. It was just one of those adventure shows that a local station showed on a Saturday afternoon between movies or something. 

This show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I thought my dad was gonna tell me not to watch it because it was trashy or something. (he hates these types of programs) I started watching during the Greco era. Some of those people are pretty sloppy in covering up their affairs.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
I liked the episode about Passover and the Christmas one where he eats all those cookies.

Trading Spaces
Never saw this version, but I did see the kids’ one.

The Michael Richards Show
The character was too Kramer-esque. I saw an episode about him working out in a gym. I think this was the pilot. I think I didn’t watch the show past that.

Cursed/ The Webber Show
I totally forgot about this show. I found part of an episode on an old tape. I didn’t really get it in either formats. I think the episode on the tape was “And Then Jack Became The Voice of the Cougars”.

I really liked that show. Too bad it didn’t last long. It was very funny but it moved around the schedule a lot. .

Double Dare 2000
Why did all the teams have to have the color of them in the name like the Blue Blizzards? I did not like Tiffany’s announcing style.

Baby Blues
I loved the comic. Too bad the show was not in the same timeline as the comic at the time. Zoe was a baby.

“Donnie Says Vacuum.” —

“Donnie Says Vacuum.”

I was supposed to post this yesterday.

I finally closed my old bank account. That bank is officially shut down. Nobody can enter. Drive thru only like since March or April. They had those tubes. This is the second time I thought about Just Shoot Me this week. They make me think about the “Slow Donnie” episode where Jack is trying to figure out how the tubes work. Said goodbye to the teller with the same first name as me. They wanted to know why I was leaving in simpler terms they suck! I could not get anything I wanted from there no debit card or anything. They had no services. Plus that bad encounter when I tired to open my account really soured me on the bank. The one good thing was that it was never crowded. I guess that is why. This is why I leaving you.

Then my dad made me deposit the money from the closed account into the new one. Why does he got to be so nosy and in my business? He told me that he had a dream about John Cena and the wrestler who doesn’t wear shoes. (Matt Riddle)

Like I don’t wanna get an expensive cell phone because I know if I would he would get so mad and tell me “Why did you buy this expensive phone! Yada Yada Yada….” But I have been sneak shopping on Amazon.

I thought the car radio needed an update or so I thought. But it is so old it doesn’t. Too bad it is having problems reading the USB cables.

If You Leave, Don’t Look Back — September 22, 2020

If You Leave, Don’t Look Back

I was trying to buy a new cell phone, but the store didn’t have it. The lady is trying to up sell me another model of phone. According to an online review if I can get the phone under a certain price point its a good value. Why do they have the signs if they don’t sell that model of phone?

I got some Halloween themed candy Witches Brew Kit Kats and the Frankencups. I like the Kit Kats, but have not eaten the cups yet.

My dad asked if I ever worked on a Tuesday before. Yeah the time neck tattoo guy tricked me into coming. It’s why I give my job a strange ringtone.

The problem is that the deep clean is everybody is getting in everybody else’s way. Just trying to do normal pizza stuff. They keep blocking the fridge and the bathroom. You need to go in and out of the fridge to do work. Dangerous stuff is happening there like storing chemicals near the water heater. Plus if 2 people are only cleaning they can’t help with the other stuff like making pizzas and such. It’s like you are short 2 people. Me and the new girl were trying to handle all the orders. Then they put her slicing pizzas.

The night manager came in and was complaining that you can’t run a pizza restaurant and give it a deep clean at the same time. I mean even I know that.

Then I had to climb a ladder to get some boxes for the chicken. When I was setting it up I was pretending I was climbing it for the “Pizza Championship” climbing it against someone like Jeff Hardy or Shawn Micheals. I also didn’t want to fall because I was in an area where the customers could see me.

Later I told my mom about it over the phone at break and she said they should just get a night crew who would dismantle the place when it is closed off hours and clean it. When is this silly contest going to be over!?

I check the schedule and I’m back on 3 days a week. Does that mean the contest will be over soon?

They were complaining about how they just hire anybody there and a lot of people don’t show up to work. Tee Hee. You hired me! (that was not supposed to rhyme) Still not as a bad as the deli when only person would show up. I said they can be really picky if they want there are no jobs here in the lock down pandemic. I think they didn’t understated what I was trying to say.

She asked if I found my phone and I told her I had a bad Friday night with losing the phone and the earthquake.

The night manager wanted to quit. Another worker said they would write “PS I quit too and sign their name.” I had funny rage quit idea. Write the words “I quit” in pepperoni or some other topping on a pizza. Or just do something they did like in that “Promise” video my Eve 6. I never said about the rage quit ideas.

She’s not unlikable just stern, forward? What is a better word for that? If we were Scrubs characters I’d be the JD to her Dr. Cox. Well she doesn’t rant like he does. She taught me a lot of stuff correctly. Like make bread sticks and sauce. The 2 things I think I’m fast at are chicken prep and dishes. Especially the trays.

Then she asked me if I know if anywhere is hiring? I said Doordash. She said No those people are creeps. I said that I wouldn’t apply for those jobs because I don’t have a license. She said she has been with the company for 4 years. That is a pretty long time. I told her I like this job a little better than the deli because you are not constantly bothered by random people. She said she knew working for that store was a hard job because her friend worked there. I thought about Amazon and asked if she tried there.

I like them both. She is more proper. The other guy I like in sort of like in a doofy class clown sort of way. They have totally different personalities.

I cleaned a rack for like 90 minutes. My hands hurt for holding a cleaning cloth and a using a putty knife to clean it.

They dismantled where the orders go and could not remember how to set it back up again. They should had taken a picture of it. Like in that episode of Just Shoot Me. I told the night manager if she left I would miss her. I really would not sucking up or anything. I told her I also think the local Target is hiring.

I bought a pizza after I left. My dad was mad that I ate half of a pizza. Yes I ate a whole half of pizza. I offered him some and I was working for 5 hours and ate nothing but a granola bar. 

My feet are really hurting and I need to get new work shoes.

Still 10 More Foods from the Year 2000 —

Still 10 More Foods from the Year 2000

Insider Pizza from Pizza Hut
I can’t remember if I ate this or not. I think my dad told me this was an old type of pizza but had a different name. I think with the word “double” in it.

KFC Honey BBQ Strips

KFC Twister
Take some chicken fingers and put them in a tortilla with some lettuce and other things.

KFC Zinger Twister
Pretty much the same item but with salsa.

KFC Triple Crunch Zinger Sandwich

Applebee’s Sirloin Steak Skillets

Domino’s Pizza Italian Originals Chicken Grill
The commercial that was posted to youtube was dated 2000. Let’s go with that. It has that guy from the travel tour commercials. Mr. Italy, Mario Perillo.

Jack in the Box New Chicken Supreme

Jack in the Box Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger

Wendy’s Steakhouse Bacon Cheeseburger

Dear Dead Relatives, Help me get a Better Pizza — September 21, 2020

Dear Dead Relatives, Help me get a Better Pizza

You are supposed to ask your dead relatives for guidance. My dad was online looking up his dead relatives. He’s really interested about his relatives where they lived and stuff. One he said lived to be 48. My mom said if I really wanted to ask a dead relative for help in getting a better pizza I should ask my dead aunt. She died in the 90s way before the internet was a thing. I’d hate to think what she would write on yelp. We would have probably ended up sending each other emails of pictures of people in bad outfits.

The guy who said that the pizza was firstly made wrong. That guys an annoying short know it all; about the Nintendo switch and unemployment. I hope you get cheated by Tom Nook. He was the one who; tricked me with dirty chicken pants, got mad at me for being slow, told me to run 2 stuck pans under hot water to loosen them, doesn’t sanitize the dishes and does not know how to use a 3 compartment sink. He reminds me of a horse jockey really short with a small voice. If you don’t know science I don’t like you. (that sounds like something Sheldon Cooper would say)

The thing that really upset me was I paid $10 for garbage. It was so horrible. So much pizza sauce! I hate pizza sauce! It was like Kittylocks and the 3 bears when the bears get the wrong pizza. It makes My Melody who is playing baby bear cry. Those cartoons are so wholesome.

My dad sees a 2-door car in the parking lot and asks me if I want a car like that. I don’t want a 2-door car. Those cars are hard to get into. When I was in school all the cool kids drove 4-doors. It was the manager’s car. I’m not into sports cars. I would get a 2-door if it was a Smart car or something.

There was no new schedule up so I don’t know how many blogs I need to post/write. It only went up to the 28th.

I was sneaking peaks at my phone to see the score. But when I checked it was halftime. My dad makes me call him at break. When I call he starts recapping the game over the phone. I say to him over the phone “You know I agitate my phone to get football scores.” My coworkers must think I say the strangest things over the phone.

He asks me if I like pizza sauce. I say not really. Buffalo sauce? No. I do like BBQ sauce. 

An order comes in for a pepperoni and sauce pizza. A pepperoni and sauce pizza is gross. There is no cheese on it maybe if you are lactose intolerant. He tells me he would he would eat anything except sea food. I asked if he likes halibut. I say it is an expensive fish. Halibut is such a good fish. He said he didn’t know what it is. I said it is an expensive fish. He asked if I like tuna. I said I like fried stuff like calamari and shrimp. He said he likes shrimp. That is sea food. Then he asked if I’ve eaten shark. I said my dad likes it, and that it used to be more plentiful in the 80s. I said I was born in the 80s. Yes I am very old.

The problem with the cleaning contest is that they keep dismantling things to clean them and things just get strewn about including in and around the 3 compartment sink. So you have to work around the dismantled stuff to do the day-to-day things there. They are just so focused on it they don’t care about selling pizzas right now. We ran out of sponges and I was giving me deli flashbacks. They better not complain that the dishes were washed poorly. I had nothing to wash them with. Why didn’t they bother to order more sponges and cleaning cloths? At least at the deli. We could just go into the store part and get sponges and dish washing gloves.

Whatever the prize is for this contest it better be good. Like a pay raise or something.

When i was going to say goodbye to my coworker. He didn’t hear me. He is usually listening to his airpods while cleaning. He was sweeping or something. I tapped his shoulder and startled him. Not on purpose.