There was usually a big snag on the first day of school by the school for some reason it wouldn’t be (name of my old high school) without it. They liked to “experiment with things every year”. Grouping people by grade, no by last name, no by grade and last name, no 6th period class. They would just change up things for no reason at all.  There was a big line at the front to funnel people in slowly and not let the kids sneak in and we had no idea where to go.

Everybody thought I was going to come back to school with pink hair. But I didn’t. I couldn’t afford it. You know that was a thing back then maybe it still is now? People coming back to school with a completely new look and subcluture. A goth returns after the summer and comes back preppy. Rude boy into crust punk. Chola into biker. Many times very unrecognizable.

They sorted us by grade and last name. Yay! I got stuck with my rival. Every time the grouped us by last name I was always stuck with this girl. Since 7th grade. Our last names started with the same letter. Let’s call her Opal. (not her real name) That girl was so annoying! She was also an only child. She lost her mom. Always bragging about how she did “cool” and “fun” things. Like that she was a model. She even subscribed to an anime magazine just to spite me! She didn’t even like anime. She would bring the magazines to school and taunt me with them. She was always making fun of my shoes. The only reason she wore name brand shoes was because her aunt worked at the Vans store and got her a discount.  She would always make fun of my clothes. Really? All her clothes were pretty much the same. She had the same outfit in like a bunch of different colors. And she was really, really short. There was this other short girl in 5th grade name Veronica who used to always make fun of my height too. So one time when were on a field trip there were these tiny model boats in a museum. I said that Veronica was so short she could fit in the model boat, and she got all butthurt. Look don’t make fun of me being tall if you can’t handle me making fun of you being short. Not like that happens anymore. Now as an adult I think I’m considered short or average height. You know what I really enjoy it. 😌

Got the same old teacher for US History Honors. I had that teacher for 2 and a half years! He was the one who told us we were never going to succeed in life. We got a book on the first day. Yippie 😑

After being frustrated with Spanish I took French since it was the only other foreign language available at the school. That was it Spanish and French. The French teacher like me came to the school in 1998. A lot of my friends took her class and said it was hard and she was mean. So before she came in 1998 did the school only have Spanish as a foreign language? The thing about classes was that the teachers and counselors wanted you to really fill your plate every year with classes that counted towards going to college especially the more rigorous UC guidelines. Which included 3 years of approved science classes, and I think 3 years of foreign language. I shot lower and just did the CSU guidelines. Ideally you would take your first 2 years of foreign language as a freshman and sophomore. I didn’t want to waste that precious lone elective taking a foreign language class when I could take art. I felt so awkward in there I was the oldest student in the class. The class was mostly freshmen with a few sophomores sprinkled in.

I wanted to tell my 10 grade English teacher what I did over the summer. (the No Doubt concert)

I was relived to have chemistry with a different teacher than the one who made you type up all the bell activities every quarter and turn it in to him. There were a few sophomores in that class.

There were these punk posers at school who had wacky colored hair. Because they had wacky colored hair everybody they were so much more punk than me. Learn to pronounce the names of the bands correctly! 😠 I guess if I had done that I would end up looking like something posted on the blunderyears subreddit.

I was happy I had English class with 2 of my friends.

My friend’s older brother who I was also friends with was saying about how 1970s his outfit looked. He loved the 1970s, but dressed like a 90s kid. He thought he was going to get a standing ovation when he walked into the doors of our high school because he was finally a senior. He was not popular or anything.

Fern wore shiny snake print pants. Not to sound mean but those pants did not flatter Fern.

And I got the wrong period art class. My art teacher says that Art II is not 5th period it’s 6th period. She gave me the assignment all the other people were doing in 6th period. To draw how you felt. I didn’t know how to draw a relived/happy expression. I was dreading making a counseling appointment. I knew he was a shit counselor

I was falling asleep in math class, but another guy did. That was the same guy who threw together that college professor costume.

When I was leaving I saw my very horrible 6th grade teacher who was now teaching at the high school. I mentioned her before. When I saw her I got really scared. I was just happy I didn’t have her for a class.

It was the one month anniversary of me going to the Irvine No Doubt show.