I saw some funny knockoff ponies including a knockoff newborn cutie. Why would you want to knock off that? They were unpopular. Like the one good original song off of it is “Clinton Youth”. What a waste of $8! Maybe I can sell it somewhere like ebay.

When we went to take the computer in they told us 2 days, but I didn’t believe it.

I did find that “Porcelain” Moby video (car version) on my DVD. I knew I recorded it. Les Rythmes Digiatles, he was doing 80s aesthetic like 20 years before it became popular. So I’m just chillin’ having a lo-fi summer watched old music videos from about 20 years ago on DVD. Embrace the lo-fi summer stuff! Positivity! I sound like those kind of people that have those signs as decor in their house that say things like “Live, laugh, love”. #blessed

At work I tripped on a drain or something. I fell on my “bad” knee. That was so frustrating. But other coworkers saw it so it was ok. I knew it was gonna bruise.

Then I burned myself trying to help with the bread. There was just so much. People kept ordering so much bread we ran out of the dough to make more. There was a huge line outside and the wait was one hour. Who knew we were so popular?

I finally got an extra day next week Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. After I thought about it that is the week Pro football starts. I just hope is it not as bad as the deli. I remember the department manager getting mad at us about not moving the pizza and the egg rolls. The place was so disorganized nothing moved there. They even placed some beer by the deli food. Well we don’t sell beer there… Come to think of it there is not really anywhere in the immediate area to buy beer there. You have to go to the supermarket down the street or the drug store a few blocks away.

Then when my shift was over my dad came in to the restaurant looking for me. That is terrible! That is dangerous! He’s done it twice! 😡

When we rushed to pick up the repaired computer. I forgot my mask and my dad made such a big deal about it. He was just acing weird in the store. Like a bratty kid. We got the computer and they said it was an IP issue and my dad had no idea what it was. The guy said it was hard to explain. I was not going to try and explain that.

It’s great they fixed it, but the bad thing was that they removed all my extensions and I have been trying to remember and reinstall them. Of course my dad is upset and suspicious as always and thinks they fixed it but broke it on purpose. And that he is getting scammed.

I’m scarred from the burn and still sore all over from where I fell.