Still not sleeping. It’s still really smokey here. The air quality website stays at unhealthy or higher.

There is a new series of 5 Surprise Mini Brands balls. Shut up and take my money! They are Kraft brand, Bel Group,  McCormick, Stubbs, Blue Diamond, and some others. More food items this time. Then my mom said I have to go to work to buy those. If I can find them in the wild. Too bad there are no mini Just Crack an Egg bowls.

My dad thinks they are too expensive, but I don’t care.

When I get there the sink is broken. So the dishes were not washed for a long time. They had me making bread for a long time. Bunch of orders came in. I was working with the new girl. I forget the patterns/combinations of the pizzas that are not ordered as much.

A lot of the guys that work there are really immature and it really bothers the other girls. With me not much I usually laugh it off. They are younger and more uptight. The night manager was sticking things in fridge. Me and this guy are topping the pizzas and he starts throwing the shredded cheese at her. She got really mad. Ok, throwing shredded cheese at me would be annoying.

They had me clean one of the pizza warmers. It was really dirty and I had to clean it 3 times. As I’m cleaning it the customers come in and see me cause I’m visible cleaning this. I still have to get someone cause I can’t work the register. Some guy came in asking for “Italian Pizza”. I thought he was asking for some specific item we sell but just calling it the wrong name or something. I got a coworker to help because I can’t work the register anyway. I’m really concentrating hard cleaning the warmer thing. I’m not trying to eavesdrop on them. I’m just there cleaning it. He keeps asking for this pointing at the menu board. My coworker was trying to decipher this. He just keeps pointing to the pizzas on the menu board. Which are example pizzas they are not specific combos we sell. The other side of the board has promotional items and our most popular combos. If you want a fancy pizza you are in the wrong place. There is a fancier place down the street. Not sure if it is still open. When I show the night manager what I did she complements me on it. You don’t work in the deli speed cleaning rotisseries and not learn a few things. I should have worn gloves to clean the thing though.

Then we start sweeping. The guy hands me a broom and all I can think about it Kiki from the movie for some reason. I really wanted to “ride it”. If I did they would think I was nut job. More of a nut job than they already think I am.

I learned how to throw out old pizzas it’s so much easier than the deli.

My MP3 player died on me. What a piece of junk! Thing only lasted one year! Almost exactly one year.