The way my dad acts about allergy medicine is like how the mom acts on Everybody Hates Chris about Robitussin.

At work I think they gave me more hours because of all the new people coming in and I know a little more than they do.

They said they were going to have the cleaning contest in July. But I guess it got moved to September. I was thinking about the Doremi Witchlings and if I had magic I could clean up the place really fast and make pizzas really fast.


The new guy asked for a break first. Since it wasn’t busy I decided to make myself a food item. And pay for it. When I’m on break my coworker comes and asks for the item I made. I just told him not to eat the piece I bit. I didn’t care I knew I was not going to finish it during a whole break.

I had to wash 33 trays. I broke it down into groups of 3 of 11 trays each. I think that guy who I gave a piece of the food to thought I was looking at him, but I was really counting stuff and trying to fit the washes on the rack.

I lost my phone at work in the place! Ugh! My dad was so angry. Later one of my coworkers found it in the bathroom. I guess it fell out of my pocket when I used the toilet. I really need to take a bag there.

Stupid Geek Squad uninstalled my DVD player in the computer. I had a freeware one installed.

Then at home when I was using the bathroom I felt an earthquake. A pandemic earthquake was inevitable. Right where I used to live. Near Whittier in 1987. Clutching my CPK doll in fear. I got him off my bed and still clutched him. The 1987 one planted the fear in me.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a little more peaceful. :/