You are supposed to ask your dead relatives for guidance. My dad was online looking up his dead relatives. He’s really interested about his relatives where they lived and stuff. One he said lived to be 48. My mom said if I really wanted to ask a dead relative for help in getting a better pizza I should ask my dead aunt. She died in the 90s way before the internet was a thing. I’d hate to think what she would write on yelp. We would have probably ended up sending each other emails of pictures of people in bad outfits.

The guy who said that the pizza was firstly made wrong. That guys an annoying short know it all; about the Nintendo switch and unemployment. I hope you get cheated by Tom Nook. He was the one who; tricked me with dirty chicken pants, got mad at me for being slow, told me to run 2 stuck pans under hot water to loosen them, doesn’t sanitize the dishes and does not know how to use a 3 compartment sink. He reminds me of a horse jockey really short with a small voice. If you don’t know science I don’t like you. (that sounds like something Sheldon Cooper would say)

The thing that really upset me was I paid $10 for garbage. It was so horrible. So much pizza sauce! I hate pizza sauce! It was like Kittylocks and the 3 bears when the bears get the wrong pizza. It makes My Melody who is playing baby bear cry. Those cartoons are so wholesome.

My dad sees a 2-door car in the parking lot and asks me if I want a car like that. I don’t want a 2-door car. Those cars are hard to get into. When I was in school all the cool kids drove 4-doors. It was the manager’s car. I’m not into sports cars. I would get a 2-door if it was a Smart car or something.

There was no new schedule up so I don’t know how many blogs I need to post/write. It only went up to the 28th.

I was sneaking peaks at my phone to see the score. But when I checked it was halftime. My dad makes me call him at break. When I call he starts recapping the game over the phone. I say to him over the phone “You know I agitate my phone to get football scores.” My coworkers must think I say the strangest things over the phone.

He asks me if I like pizza sauce. I say not really. Buffalo sauce? No. I do like BBQ sauce. 

An order comes in for a pepperoni and sauce pizza. A pepperoni and sauce pizza is gross. There is no cheese on it maybe if you are lactose intolerant. He tells me he would he would eat anything except sea food. I asked if he likes halibut. I say it is an expensive fish. Halibut is such a good fish. He said he didn’t know what it is. I said it is an expensive fish. He asked if I like tuna. I said I like fried stuff like calamari and shrimp. He said he likes shrimp. That is sea food. Then he asked if I’ve eaten shark. I said my dad likes it, and that it used to be more plentiful in the 80s. I said I was born in the 80s. Yes I am very old.

The problem with the cleaning contest is that they keep dismantling things to clean them and things just get strewn about including in and around the 3 compartment sink. So you have to work around the dismantled stuff to do the day-to-day things there. They are just so focused on it they don’t care about selling pizzas right now. We ran out of sponges and I was giving me deli flashbacks. They better not complain that the dishes were washed poorly. I had nothing to wash them with. Why didn’t they bother to order more sponges and cleaning cloths? At least at the deli. We could just go into the store part and get sponges and dish washing gloves.

Whatever the prize is for this contest it better be good. Like a pay raise or something.

When i was going to say goodbye to my coworker. He didn’t hear me. He is usually listening to his airpods while cleaning. He was sweeping or something. I tapped his shoulder and startled him. Not on purpose.