I was trying to buy a new cell phone, but the store didn’t have it. The lady is trying to up sell me another model of phone. According to an online review if I can get the phone under a certain price point its a good value. Why do they have the signs if they don’t sell that model of phone?

I got some Halloween themed candy Witches Brew Kit Kats and the Frankencups. I like the Kit Kats, but have not eaten the cups yet.

My dad asked if I ever worked on a Tuesday before. Yeah the time neck tattoo guy tricked me into coming. It’s why I give my job a strange ringtone.

The problem is that the deep clean is everybody is getting in everybody else’s way. Just trying to do normal pizza stuff. They keep blocking the fridge and the bathroom. You need to go in and out of the fridge to do work. Dangerous stuff is happening there like storing chemicals near the water heater. Plus if 2 people are only cleaning they can’t help with the other stuff like making pizzas and such. It’s like you are short 2 people. Me and the new girl were trying to handle all the orders. Then they put her slicing pizzas.

The night manager came in and was complaining that you can’t run a pizza restaurant and give it a deep clean at the same time. I mean even I know that.

Then I had to climb a ladder to get some boxes for the chicken. When I was setting it up I was pretending I was climbing it for the “Pizza Championship” climbing it against someone like Jeff Hardy or Shawn Micheals. I also didn’t want to fall because I was in an area where the customers could see me.

Later I told my mom about it over the phone at break and she said they should just get a night crew who would dismantle the place when it is closed off hours and clean it. When is this silly contest going to be over!?

I check the schedule and I’m back on 3 days a week. Does that mean the contest will be over soon?

They were complaining about how they just hire anybody there and a lot of people don’t show up to work. Tee Hee. You hired me! (that was not supposed to rhyme) Still not as a bad as the deli when only person would show up. I said they can be really picky if they want there are no jobs here in the lock down pandemic. I think they didn’t understated what I was trying to say.

She asked if I found my phone and I told her I had a bad Friday night with losing the phone and the earthquake.

The night manager wanted to quit. Another worker said they would write “PS I quit too and sign their name.” I had funny rage quit idea. Write the words “I quit” in pepperoni or some other topping on a pizza. Or just do something they did like in that “Promise” video my Eve 6. I never said about the rage quit ideas.

She’s not unlikable just stern, forward? What is a better word for that? If we were Scrubs characters I’d be the JD to her Dr. Cox. Well she doesn’t rant like he does. She taught me a lot of stuff correctly. Like make bread sticks and sauce. The 2 things I think I’m fast at are chicken prep and dishes. Especially the trays.

Then she asked me if I know if anywhere is hiring? I said Doordash. She said No those people are creeps. I said that I wouldn’t apply for those jobs because I don’t have a license. She said she has been with the company for 4 years. That is a pretty long time. I told her I like this job a little better than the deli because you are not constantly bothered by random people. She said she knew working for that store was a hard job because her friend worked there. I thought about Amazon and asked if she tried there.

I like them both. She is more proper. The other guy I like in sort of like in a doofy class clown sort of way. They have totally different personalities.

I cleaned a rack for like 90 minutes. My hands hurt for holding a cleaning cloth and a using a putty knife to clean it.

They dismantled where the orders go and could not remember how to set it back up again. They should had taken a picture of it. Like in that episode of Just Shoot Me. I told the night manager if she left I would miss her. I really would not sucking up or anything. I told her I also think the local Target is hiring.

I bought a pizza after I left. My dad was mad that I ate half of a pizza. Yes I ate a whole half of pizza. I offered him some and I was working for 5 hours and ate nothing but a granola bar. 

My feet are really hurting and I need to get new work shoes.