A lawyer who runs a bowling alley? I really liked this show. I remember one episode about frying a turkey and starting a fire.

I remembered there was a 1980s movie. It was just one of those adventure shows that a local station showed on a Saturday afternoon between movies or something. 

This show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I thought my dad was gonna tell me not to watch it because it was trashy or something. (he hates these types of programs) I started watching during the Greco era. Some of those people are pretty sloppy in covering up their affairs.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
I liked the episode about Passover and the Christmas one where he eats all those cookies.

Trading Spaces
Never saw this version, but I did see the kids’ one.

The Michael Richards Show
The character was too Kramer-esque. I saw an episode about him working out in a gym. I think this was the pilot. I think I didn’t watch the show past that.

Cursed/ The Webber Show
I totally forgot about this show. I found part of an episode on an old tape. I didn’t really get it in either formats. I think the episode on the tape was “And Then Jack Became The Voice of the Cougars”.

I really liked that show. Too bad it didn’t last long. It was very funny but it moved around the schedule a lot. .

Double Dare 2000
Why did all the teams have to have the color of them in the name like the Blue Blizzards? I did not like Tiffany’s announcing style.

Baby Blues
I loved the comic. Too bad the show was not in the same timeline as the comic at the time. Zoe was a baby.