I was supposed to post this yesterday.

I finally closed my old bank account. That bank is officially shut down. Nobody can enter. Drive thru only like since March or April. They had those tubes. This is the second time I thought about Just Shoot Me this week. They make me think about the “Slow Donnie” episode where Jack is trying to figure out how the tubes work. Said goodbye to the teller with the same first name as me. They wanted to know why I was leaving in simpler terms they suck! I could not get anything I wanted from there no debit card or anything. They had no services. Plus that bad encounter when I tired to open my account really soured me on the bank. The one good thing was that it was never crowded. I guess that is why. This is why I leaving you.

Then my dad made me deposit the money from the closed account into the new one. Why does he got to be so nosy and in my business? He told me that he had a dream about John Cena and the wrestler who doesn’t wear shoes. (Matt Riddle)

Like I don’t wanna get an expensive cell phone because I know if I would he would get so mad and tell me “Why did you buy this expensive phone! Yada Yada Yada….” But I have been sneak shopping on Amazon.

I thought the car radio needed an update or so I thought. But it is so old it doesn’t. Too bad it is having problems reading the USB cables.