I know who the night manager kinda reminds me of. One of those ASMRists I watch on youtube. She has a nice soft voice that would be great for those videos.

The one good thing about where I work is that I have not had a coworker meltdown in the approximately 7 months I’ve been there. And if there was one to happen what would they do about it? Ignore it like at the deli. She was throwing things in anger.

When I asked my patents they said that probably would not happen where I work now because they don’t want to deal with a employee having a meltdown throwing things, crying, and having other employees hide and protect them.

I thought maybe if I write a more explicit pizza order I can get what I want. It’s worth a try for tomorrow.

I spilled a bunch of oil at work. All that hard work they put into cleaning that wall. I tried hard to mop it up and clean the wall as best I could.

That silly manager was throwing pepperoni at somebody. Not sure who. Just happy it was not me. He didn’t know I saw him at first because I was walking back from another area. I asked if he was the one who said about getting drunk on the 4th of July. He asked what I like I said rum. He asked me if I like Rum-chatta. Not even sure what that is. I was talking about when I would buy Japanese sodas in the aluminum bottles and drink them in the mall and people thought I had beer.

That dumb new guy washed dishes again and he just threw everything everywhere. Not to be petty or complain, but he is really not learning. It looked like somebody was on the game show Finders Keepers who were searching for a clue “in the pizza restaurant sink”. Then I have to wash them after him and fix all that he has done. He’s annoying you know where he would thrive at? The deli.