Princess Bride Barbie
The commercials is so late 90s/early 2000s with the pop style song they used. This doll has a lenticular mirror like the Beauty and the Beast Belle Mattel doll had.

Hip To Be Square Barbie
These dolls have a cute 60s mod look.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Barbie 2000
The “Once in a Lifetime” collection. Not sure what that means. Some of the Barbies were of iconic Barbies like Solo in the Spotlight and Malibu Barbie. According to this ebay listing there were 2 Barbie sets in 2000. In January and October. Here are the Barbies from this set: Millennium Princess, 1959 #1 Barbie, Solo in the Spotlight, Hollywood Nails, Malibu, Super Gymnast, Totally Hair, Sit in Style, Working Woman, Chic.
I’ll put the link to their store. I remember somebody used the #1 Barbie for their Scarlet Letter project for the part in the book when she is going to be hanged. It was funny to see a McDonald’s Barbie in a noose.

Cool Skating Barbie
I thought the that the doll could really skate was a neat feature.

Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle
Had a working trunk.

Swimming champion Barbie
The gimmick with this doll was that it really swam.

My Size Butterfly Barbie

Magical Mermaid Barbie and Krissy

Barbie Studio: Bead and Sparkle Nail Salon
(not a doll but sold under the Barbie branding)

Barbie Starlight Unicorn Horse
A light up unicorn that made sounds.