I don’t understand why they coddle the new dumb guy so much. Is he somebody’s relative or something? Something doesn’t smell right here. Maybe it is like The Office where Micheal hired his nephew and he really sucked at the job. The guy has a doofy voice too.

Then we got a phone order and there was no paper to write it on. I started writing an order on a paper cup. Improvise? 🤷

Somebody yelled they needed help in the front and that new guy vanished. LOL! He is so deli material. (If you are wondering I didn’t help I was topping a pizza.)

That short guy needed a container and I had to get it for him because he is so short.

Then they needed help there in the front again. Nobody was there and I was trying as hard as I can. I was bad at taking the pizzas out and slicing them. I’ve only done it once and twice. Then the short guy got mad. Whateves. Meh. Then you should have gotten there first. You are better at that than me. 

Maybe I need to suddenly get stupid?

With my luck that dumb guy be manager in a month or 2.

I had to stay longer because somebody didn’t show up. It was ok, but I was so hungry.

The item I wanted customized couldn’t be anymore. Not even sauce portions. Too bad you could not help dead relatives. But I ordered it again an scraped off the excess sauce.

Ate some pizza and watched the end of the Stanley Cup Finals. I can’t watch the Tampa Bay Lighting without thinking about that Goth Talk skit from SNL.