I know the dynamic between and the night manager it’s like Greg and Chief. The stern one and the goofy one.

I hardly got any sleep maintenance came to fix some stuff. My parents kept bothering me. Just telling me nonsense. The whole day was just chaotic.

The good thing was that the purse I ordered off amazon came. It seems pretty cheap in quality but I paid like $16 for it before shipping and taxes. If it lasts me a year I’ll be happy. It came quickly since it was shipped from Upland California. Amazon said it would be here by October 1st at the earliest. Now I can change purses. My dad told me I could not take a bag to work until I bought a new purse. So many stipulations. The reason I did buy one is because all the stores I went to had nothing I liked. All the cute purses were really tiny. How are people supposed to know I’m quirky and creative if I have a boring looking purse.

Later when I was getting ready to leave for work the shirt I ordered for work came.

At work there was this lady trying to buy a pizza with a shirt mask I always see people do that on tv on the news when they want to be in a testimonial or in a group shot.

Then I went to the fridge to put my water and Paw Patrol drinkable yogurts inside. After I did I could not get out. I was pounding on the door. I thought maybe I could call the place and say I was trapped in there, but I got no reception in the fridge. Then I decided to calm down and just relax in there. It’s nice and cool in there and eventually somebody is going to need an item in there. Another cowroker heard me yelling inside.

The new dumb guy said he is a senior in high school. My coworker (the one who found me in the fridge) says she was going to college but took the semester off at Cal Poly. Then he asked what Cal Poly Pomona is. Huh? Really? My high school drilled into your brain all the local colleges state (UC and CDU), private, and community, and some trade schools. Maybe cause that was the olden days. Back in the early 2000s.

He asked me a question about a technique on how to make a thin crust pizza. Not trying to trick him or anything. I really have no clue nobody has told me I make them wrong except when I don’t align the pans with the crust just right. Which hard when I’m in a rush. They literally threw me into the water. They are spending a lot of time training the guy. I’m supposed to go with the flow this week.

Later the manager came to tell us about how to open the fridge door now and that she got stuck in there too. She thought it was funny when I said I tried to call the place and say I was stuck in there. Hey it was worth a try coming from somebody who watched a lot of tv shows where characters got stuck in working fridges. Who says you can’t learn anything from watching tv?

I washed dishes for hours. My fingers got so wrinkly. From dough trays to deep dish pans. It was slow today so I only worked for 4 hours. I noticed my scar is healed it’s still a little pink and shiny. It’s not that noticeable.

Back on 3 days for next week too.

I got my pay stub today. I did it so my dad can stop bugging me about it for this pay period and say I got “scammed” by my job. Like he says everybody else is out to get me. Then he wonders why I’m so paranoid about everything. You always telling me I’m going to get scammed isn’t helping.