Still 10 More Things from the Year 2000 — September 21, 2020

Still 10 More Things from the Year 2000

This list is more fads this time.

Chain Belts Here is a picture of Gwen Stefani wearing one in the “Bathwater” video.

Planet Yumthing They were really big back then and had a presence online. Now you can barely find anything

Glitter Eye Shadow

Fake Shoes (beaded thongs)

noshoes 001

They look like you are wearing a sandal, but there is nothing on the bottom. No soles. They are just foot jewelry.

Pink lip gloss

Berry flavor gloss

Shimmer powder

Curling Mascara

Lavender Nail Polish

Slide sandals

Dumb Muscle for Hire — September 19, 2020

Dumb Muscle for Hire

I finally reached my neopets Charity Corner 2020 goal. I only had 8 points left over from the previous event.

I had an early afternoon shift and woke up late.

My dad was upset I was taking a backpack to work. Plenty of people take bags/purses/backpacks to work. He said it was going to be stolen. What are they going to find? An MP3 player that works intermittently? My glasses? Old shopping bags from the store chain of the deli I used to work at?

What can you do with all these new people who know nothing? Get them to clean for the challenge. Hey new person go clean that wall. Go clean that toilet. Pretty smart move to do with all these people. They are not the only ones cleaning other established workers do too.

I really don’t like that new guy he can’t count to 10. He does the stacks of pans wrong. I can’t believe how much they hold this guy’s hand. With me they kinda just threw me to the sharks and then complain I was too slow. Not as bad as the deli but still bad.

I’m upset I only got a few hours. Less than I usually do. When I clocked out I ordered a custom pizza with the manager.

One of the new girls they made a cashier. I think it’s best I don’t take on that position. I hated talking with customers at the deli and I still do now. She’s asking if the order for (my name is there) She doesn’t know my name. I’ve only known this girl one maybe 2 weeks.

It’s so much easier with the backpack.

Both items I ordered were made wrong. But perhaps this mistake is onto something. This could possibly be a new menu item. I was so frustrated with one of the items I called the place I work at and said it was made very wrong. The manager answers and said I was the 2nd person to complain about a wrong pizza. It was the custom pizza or at least had the custom label for the order I made.

If you want some earthquake tips watch this old 1981 PSA with Hobo Kelly.

10 More Toys from 1990 —

10 More Toys from 1990

America’s Funniest Home Videos toys
Who knew this show was so popular they made toys for it?

Baby Face
Never had one as a kid and don’t remember them very well. But these have a cult following on the internet.

Little Pretty Polished Paws
These were kinda Mattel’s answer to My Little Ponies. They were dogs and cats with markings on the hind and came in unnatural colors like purple and blue. These had water activated nail polish.

Dancing Pretty Ballerina
A doll by Mattel.

Toy Biz Marvel Super Heroes

Little Miss Dolly Surprise
Like Dolly Surprise, but smaller.

Magna Doodle
I always wanted one, but never got one. My little cousin had one.

Baby Alive
The 1990 edition of this doll. I really wanted it until my mom told me all the did was have a tube in it.

Bubble Belles
They are reused Rose Petal Place molds, but had sparkly legs. Pearl seems to be the easiest to find on the second hand market.

Baby Sparkles
The baby doll in the same line as PJ Sparkles and Starbright Sparkles.

The Witchlings Can Clean Better — September 18, 2020

The Witchlings Can Clean Better

The way my dad acts about allergy medicine is like how the mom acts on Everybody Hates Chris about Robitussin.

At work I think they gave me more hours because of all the new people coming in and I know a little more than they do.

They said they were going to have the cleaning contest in July. But I guess it got moved to September. I was thinking about the Doremi Witchlings and if I had magic I could clean up the place really fast and make pizzas really fast.


The new guy asked for a break first. Since it wasn’t busy I decided to make myself a food item. And pay for it. When I’m on break my coworker comes and asks for the item I made. I just told him not to eat the piece I bit. I didn’t care I knew I was not going to finish it during a whole break.

I had to wash 33 trays. I broke it down into groups of 3 of 11 trays each. I think that guy who I gave a piece of the food to thought I was looking at him, but I was really counting stuff and trying to fit the washes on the rack.

I lost my phone at work in the place! Ugh! My dad was so angry. Later one of my coworkers found it in the bathroom. I guess it fell out of my pocket when I used the toilet. I really need to take a bag there.

Stupid Geek Squad uninstalled my DVD player in the computer. I had a freeware one installed.

Then at home when I was using the bathroom I felt an earthquake. A pandemic earthquake was inevitable. Right where I used to live. Near Whittier in 1987. Clutching my CPK doll in fear. I got him off my bed and still clutched him. The 1987 one planted the fear in me.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a little more peaceful. :/

10 songs from 1990 Volume 8 —

10 songs from 1990 Volume 8

“Ring of Fire” cover by Social Distortion

“Cherry Pie” by Warrant

“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory

“I’ll Do 4 You” by Father MC (featuring Mary J. Blige)

“World in my Eyes” by Depeche Mode

“Fly High Michelle” by Enuff Z’nuff
The visuals for this music video are silly.

“Shelter Me” by Cinderella

“Hard to Handle” cover by The Black Crowes

When my neighbor was learning how to play drums they would play this song and sing it poorly.

“Crazy” by The Boys

This music video parodies a lot of other music videos. Why did juvenile rappers/R&B groups stop being a thing?

“Istanbul not Constantinople” cover by They Might Be Giants

I first heard this on Tiny Toon Adventures. I love how the official video is animated.

You’re Fat and Spend too Much Time on the Internet! — September 16, 2020

You’re Fat and Spend too Much Time on the Internet!

That is the blanket excuse my dad gives me for everything. He was blaming me spending too much time on the internet for not sleeping. It’s cause of the smoke. I didn’t get much sleep again the smoke came back again. You know just take a bunch of allergy pills and you will be fine. I’ve been thinking about quitting again. Only because my dad will not stop meddling. And if the job upsets him so much I will quit it.

Random shower thought one good thing about the pandemic is there is not a bunch of people coming door to door trying to sell you something. No religion, no vacuums, no knives, no magazines, etc.

When I get to work I check to see and 4:00 was written in the Wednesday slot. If you don’t work a day the day of the week is blank on the schedule. So if I was working on Tuesday from 1-7PM that would be printed in the slot.

It was a pretty slow day. They had me topping the pizzas it was so slow.

Saw the night manager come in with her coffee. If my coworker was going to take some coffee hers was the only one there.

Then I was making sauce. Sauce is so hard to make. Not so much the recipe and ratio to make it the but the physical work that goes into it.

I accidentally miss made some bread. I asked if I could have it and cooked it in the oven. Yay! Free food. I planned to eat it during my break.

When I asked the night manager if I could go on break. I told her I came in at 4pm. Not sure why I held up 5 fingers.

My coworker said I could fix the bread how I wanted. When I looked at the schedule I saw I was working 4 days next week. Yay! Four days a week! I could be making about $200 a week that was like how much I made at the deli. The pay was a little higher and the shifts were a little longer. And I worked about 5 days a week there until I left. That means more money and more hobby items! But this job is less annoying than the deli. I’m on break he comes by and asks me how many days are in October. I say it has 31 days because Halloween is on the 31st. I see him writing something on a paper. When I got back to work I see he wrote “(Name) requesting Sat October 31st Sun November 1st off”. I really don’t care parties are illegal and banned in this county anyway. What do I have going on that day anyway?

My one coworker asks when I came in and said I could leave. I asked it he had the authority to do that. The night manager says “Don’t leave.” I’m not sure if they are the same ranking but they are both above me. Worked the whole shift.

Even More TV Shows from 1990 —

Even More TV Shows from 1990

Merrie Melodies Starring Bugs Bunny & Friends

Monopoly Not to be confused with the 2015 show hosted by Billy Garadel. That show was called Monopoly Millionaire’s Club.

Kid ‘n Play I think I watched it once or twice. I remember my cousin making fun of me for watching it.

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose Originally titled Parker Lewis. I really liked this show. I remember in one of the episodes somebody was going to have to comb a closet full of My Litttle Ponies with tangled hair. Troy Slaten was in this then he was in Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad and then became a lawyer.

The Outsiders Based off characters from the S.E. Hinton book. Did anybody else have to read this in high school? I did as a freshman and had a 1990 edition of the book with an ad on the cover to watch this series on Fox. Which would have been 8 years prior since I read it in 1998. I think it was one of the first novels I read as a freshman. I think some other people in the class read one of her other books Tex.

Match Game The 1990 version. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen it.

NBA Inside Stuff I watched this occasionally. I thought it was boring. Then it was revamped to meet FCC educational requirements.

The New adventures of He-Man

Sk8 tv

Tim Conway’s Funny America

Pencil Me in for Wednesday — September 15, 2020

Pencil Me in for Wednesday

Yesterday I started watching the anime Magical Meow Meow Taruto. It’s not bad and it’s a short series.

The new MP3 player doesn’t work in the car. That’s what I bought it for! I’m returning it. My dad said not to but I don’t care. I will if I can. Or could it be a car problem?

Good thing I bought some more pants for work and Paw Patrol drinkable yogurt. I hope I don’t drink a spoiled one. Then people will think I’m pregnant. Like one of those animated stories about teenagers on the internet. 

So I decided to just post a decade blog for tomorrow.

I was trying to watch an LOL Remix doll review. When my mom heard a funny noise and didn’t realize I gave my job a different ringtone. I made sure to give it an annoying ringtone. I learned my lesson after what happened on St. Patrick’s day. The only reason I answered that call back then was because I thought it was somebody calling for a job interview. This was the conversation after the obligatory greetings.  “(name of manager) has you scheduled for Wednesday at 4.” What a strange thing to say.

I don’t know why people were surprised that the OMG dolls had a music themed set. Usually these are the most popular fashion doll themes; Beach, sleep, school, band, fancier outfits/formal wear, hair play, masquerade, and sport team to be the most popular. Too bad the Madonna inspired doll came with a non-functional tambourine. Jem had a functional one.


The WB Planner — September 14, 2020

The WB Planner

wbplanner 001 - Copy

Here it is. I removed the name of my high school on it. I thought it said KTLA somewhere on it, but it didn’t I guess I’m misremembering.

This thing was just full of ads. Ads for WB shows, syndicated shows, apparel, Sakura Gelly Roll pens (the campaign with Pink), websites, stores, record labels, US Air force, Call ATT, YM magazine, Toyota,  Here is a list of some of the things:
WB Shows: Nikki, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Hype, Dawson’s Creek, 7th heaven, Buffy, Felicity, Charmed, Gilmore Girls, Angel, Grosse Pointe, Roswell, Jamie Foxx Show, and Popular.
syndicated shows: 7th heaven, Sabrina, Moesha, and Clueless (CBS Television Distribution shows)
Apparel: Sean Jean, OTB, Roxy, Mudd, DKNY Jeans, Quicksliver, RP55 Jeans, Schwinn, Rudy Project, Cold as Ice, and Pac Sun.

otbjeansplanner 001 - Copy

coldasice 001

What was barraquada anyway?

barraqudaplanner 001 - Copy

I love the disclaimer in this thing.

plannerdisclaimer 001 - Copy

I hardly ever used the thing except to color in it and the periodic table in it for my chemistry class. I did start writing dates and reminders in it at first. It looks like I used it until November 15th. I did write the different homecoming theme days in it (for people not running for homecoming court) This thing is in bad shape now. I cut pictures out of it. I can’t believe I kept the thing all these years. I think I did just for the absurdity of it and what a little year 2000 time capsule this thing is.

Football Schedule Correlation — September 13, 2020

Football Schedule Correlation

Got so frustrated with my MP3 player I bought a new one on Amazon. Then the old one started working. I’m sick of it working when it wants to. Now it’s kinda working after I ordered one. Well it’s better than having one that works when it wants to.

I finally got some sleep and slept until 1:30PM. Missed the morning NFL game. Watched the 2 afternoon ones.

With me and the night manager it’s like George and Mr. Wilhelm. But she’s smarter than Mr. Wilhelm. Who knows maybe she’ll come to clean my carpet and say her name is “Tanya”. Wait I don’t have carpets where I live.

I’m working on Monday next week which is the same time as a Raiders Monday Night Football game.

At work they were talking about Brady playing for the Buccaneers. You can have a good quarterback but the others around you need to be good.

The new guy is really dumb. They had him prep the chicken. He said he didn’t remember how to do it. The night manager is getting frustrated with him. She said he did it Thursday. The only reason I know is because she uses this tone with me. Especially the time I made the sauce wrong a few times. I’m better now I know the recipe for sauce. That is one of the easiest things to do there you fit them on a pan like a puzzle. It’s like Tetris but with chicken. I would say the hardest thing about it is picking out the different pieces to make a tray and when you have to keep getting boxes to fill up a bunch of trays. Just a bunch of trips to the fridge.

They got another new girl. She’s ok I guess. It’s like there is this revolving door of people there even during a pandemic in my area where there is like no jobs. Every month or so they bring in 2-4 new people.

They had us cleaning up stuff like the walls and stuff. I did get the scuff marks off the bathroom door. They had the new girl clean the wall I accidentally splashed sauce on. Thanks for cleaning that up. It’s been there for a month. We needed sponges more than the green scrubbers they had us use.

I was slicing pizzas again, but doing a bad job of it. Then we were just goofing off. So I was told to wash dishes. It was really busy at first but then died around 8-8:30 PM. But that was around the time the game ended.

The scab came off my burn. Now the skin just looks shiny and scarred.