It sounds like the slogan for a toy or something.

All they had left was 4 mini brands balls on a random shelf in the toy section. I should have splurged and bought all 4 balls.

Here is my haul of tiny things unopened.

20201013_102145 - Copy

Those mini backpacks are a ripoff. I regret buying them, I will not buy any more. They came with almost the same items in both. Not worth close to $8 each. The eraser in one backpack was missing a piece.

20201013_103010 - Copy

I really wanted a folder or composition book. I did love the mini colored pencils. They reminds me of some mini My Melody ones I had as a kid. (not my pencils in the pic)


The holo metallic one looks like a backpack I have now. I do like the candy shaped highlighters, and I would buy them individually if I found them at like a dollar store. The tape roll was nothing special and you can find these in like a 4 pack at the dollar store. Neither was the #2 yellow pencil. they are just golf pencils with an eraser on them. The tiny ruler was fun. I do wish that they also had some backpacks in basic colors like black or green.

20201013_102544 - Copy

In one ball I got: a Lunchable (pizza flavor yuck!) I wanted to take a size compassion of it with a real size one but they were buried in the fridge. (Funny on that shopping trip I bought the balls and Lunchables.) Claussen pickles, almond nut-thins, Velveeta (the box is a little damaged out of the ball), and bacon.

20201013_104837 - Copy

In the other ball I got: Stuffing, red pepper, Kool-aid (I really wish they would have made the pouches too), Old Bay seasoning (apparently people eat this on their cheese steaks), and Garlic paste.

20201013_104903 - Copy

I was just happy there were no doubles. I really wanted to get the pizza bagels so I could sing the old jingle. Or the Kastup so I could give it to my stuffed pikachu. The mini backpack was also in scale to my stuffed pikachu. Too small for my Cabbage Patch doll.

As I’m trying to get caught up with my blogging I get a phone call from work asking me to come in at 5PM. I was upset. I had to quickly throw together a blog. That is 5 days though. That is a big fat paycheck. But I am still thinking about quitting. They don’t need me. They have the dumb guy who does what he pleases. I’m sure he is a much greater asset to the company than I am.