Had this weird dream where the song “1979” played in it. Somebody once told me this was a bad thing? I guess so that person was very respected by others.

The dumb guy was not there. I looked around to see if he was there.

She’s kinda like quirky or whatever. Found her pinterest account. Pro Tip don’t make a pinterst account under your real name unless you are like a celebrity or something.

I hate pounding dough. It’s annoying and boring. There is just trash everywhere! It looks like a court show when they show people leaving trash bags all over an apartment they left. There is just dishes piled up there. There is very little space to wash them because of all the trash piled up.

She told me she knew what to do. Then she picks up the trays and takes those. *Face palm* I’m like “No! Not these! The round pans.”