I went shopping for shoes and I finally found something I like. Look how cute these are! A rabbit. So quirky! They would go good with a Sailor Moon costume or shirt or something.

20201027_225512 - Copy

I got these more plain and sensible LA Gear shoes. I loved the color combo on them. My first real pair! I had the Playless knockoffs.

20201027_225609 - Copy

I also got some boring slip resistant shoes for work. In the store they were playing “Then the Morning Comes” by Smashmouth and my mom was getting mad I was rocking out to the song. Now a days that is like an obscure song by them.

I think I got 4 calls from work? They called early too at 10:30 something AM. Earliest they have called. I was not scheduled for today. I checked the schedule 3 times yesterday. Maybe I would have come in if I had not worked yesterday. I knew they were just going to be freaking out. “It’s game 6! Dodgers! Starts at 5!” Just running around the place. I wonder if that assistant manager who freaks out about sports games had some kind of traumatizing work experience related to sports. The one thing I hope is that I don’t get in trouble. They won so now it is over until next season.


(I’m not psychic this is an old screencap from their 1988 win. Look at the old KCBS logo)

The Price is Right is still campy and terrible as usual. I remembered why I stopped watching it. Let’s Make a Deal in Prime time was ok. It’s been on all these years and never had a Prime time special? (the Wayne version) LMAD was very good compared to TPIR.